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    11 Strange Facts About Michael Gove

    A curious character. A very curious character.

    1. He was embroiled in a sex scandal at university.

    Flora McCullough, named in the student article, would later tell the Daily Mail that nothing happened - as far as she could recall. Gove himself was "unavailable for comment". Draw your own conclusions.

    2. He was in a film with Christopher Lee.


    He harboured theatrical ambitions and was in 1995's A Feast At Midnight as the chaplain of a boarding school. Apparently most of his scenes ended up being cut, but you can see him in all his glory here.

    3. And hosted the most uncomfortable TV interview you can possibly imagine.

    View this video on YouTube

    This is from a short-lived Channel 4 show called A Stab In The Dark, made in 1992. He co-presented it with David Baddiel and Tracey MacLeod, and it's a very, very strange show indeed. It appeared to be an attempt to marry satire and hard news coverage. The results were, well: judge for yourself.

    4. He finds Angela Merkel "as hot as Jennifer Lopez".

    It's a good job Sarah Vine (his wife) has that newspaper column, otherwise we'd miss out on such little gems.

    5. He's learning the ukulele.

    Because he likes Mumford and Sons. Don't we all.

    6. It took him seven attempts to pass his driving test.

    More detail from Ms Vine:

    "It took him seven attempts to pass his test, and even then I'm sure the examiner caved in only because he wanted to get out of the car as quickly as possible. His most memorable driving disaster is the latest. While manoeuvring into a car lift, he managed to get the car stuck half in and half out. As he tried to dislodge himself, the lift doors slammed shut, neatly bisecting the car."

    7. He's taken part in a "purification ritual".

    Thanks again Ms Vine!

    "As we sat in a darkened tent, vapour rising off a pile of volcanic rocks, we were urged to search for animals in the steam. I said I could see a swan. 'Ah,' said our 'purification guide' mystically, 'a symbol of fertility.' My husband piped up: 'I can see a bull. Lots of bull.'"

    8. He can recover from a tumble like a boss.

    9. Big Maggie fan. Big, big Maggie fan.

    We don't know exactly how many pictures of her there are in his office, but apparently there are as many of her as there of his family.

    10. He tried the Atkins diet, and lost a few stone as a result.

    Possibly to counteract the crisps, fizzy drink and sugary cereal he seems to order when his wife leaves her Ocado account unattended.

    11. His mum wants to give him a clip round the ear.