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    DIY Pro Magnetic Makeup Palette

    I made my own magnetic palette, and it is the business. Read on to find out how you can easily (and cheaply) make your own.

    Hmm, wonder what's inside?

    Alix Naveh / Via Facebook: alix.naveh

    Everything. Everything is inside. Where did I get such an awesome piece of MUA technology, you ask? Well, unfortunately no company seems to understand the depths of my addiction, and only make wimpy 8x8 palettes (I'm looking at you Z palette), or are perpetually out of stock (MAC PRO). So, I made my own for less than $30 bucks with inexpensive supplies from the craft store, and you can too! Read on, it was super easy, I swear.

    Original insides. This was a $30 case from Micheals, I used a 50% coupon from Joanns, so it was $15. I'm cheap like that, my bf says its genetic. #lifeskills

    Full insides with trays extended. MMM, colors.

    Alix Naveh / Via

    Remove the art supplies. Screw you, art supplies, it's makeup time! ... JK, those are useful for other projects, just set them to the side.

    Pull up the glue/gunk.

    Nice. Super clean.

    Be a cat lady and get you some "Scrapbook album refills" in whatever size is closest (but equal to or more than) to your case.

    Duct tape the page to the bottom of the case, as close to the side as possible. Use a credit card to get a clean line if you have trouble. Be sure to get the edge of the plastic at least 1/4 inch under the duct tape. But not more than a half inch! Cause the duct tape needs some bottom to attach to, duh.

    Remove the inner paper from the scrapbook refills. Use scissors or paper cutter to trim plastic to size. I got a real fancy ($12) paper cutter when I got engaged (#doublebrag), but if you're cheap you can use scissors.

    Get Magnetic adhesive sheets- easily found at Micheals for $9.99, or $4.99 with a 50% off coupon (they honor Joanns coupons)

    Cut magnetic sheet to size. I got a scalpel, but you can use a knife or the edge of a pair of scissors. Safety scissors will not work for this. Also, if you use safety scissors than this project is not for you, and neither is makeup. Makeup is for grownups.

    Check magnetic sheet for fit.

    Peel backing and apply magnetic sheet starting in one corner. Be careful to smooth any bumps or ruffles while applying.

    After applying magnetic sheet. Real classy.

    Add makeup! Now you're fancy too!

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