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Coleslaw Is A Garbage Food Made By Demons

It's basically the stuff you throw away before you make a salad.

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Look at this delicious barbecue plate...oh, wait. What is that pile of garbage stinking up the place?

baramatochlitetill / Via

Ugh, it's fucking COLESLAW.

Marekuliasz / Getty Images

It's basically the stuff that's not good enough to go into a regular salad, smothered in vinegar and mayonnaise.

In other words, garbage.
Juanmonino / Getty Images

In other words, garbage.

Here, I fixed this for you:

Why? Why would someone do this to a perfectly good sandwich?

danielsbakery / Via

Don't even try to dress it up or make it cute. It will always be a nightmare monstrosity.

cookiemanic / Via

Even when it's self-contained, it's offensive.

Deal breaker.
jj_jets / Via Twitter: @jj_jets

Deal breaker.

And it goes way over the line to sully the good name of PIZZA with that bullshit.

Too far, people. This has gone too far.
Betsy & Ian F-R / All CC / Flickr: betsian

Too far, people. This has gone too far.

IN the sandwich AND on the side? Are you kidding me?

Neal Stewart / All CC / Flickr: neal263

I mean, literally there is no distinction between spilled coleslaw and vomit.

nicohatesyou / Via

Seriously, look at this. How is this FOOD?

Alex Gilbert / All Creative Commons / Via Flickr: alex012

This pathetic excuse for a side dish is tearing friendships apart.

Marvel Studios


Just know that we are not alone in our hatred of this culinary abomination.

We are everywhere.

If coleslaw was the last food on Earth, we'd still find another way.

Stay strong, Bill Pearce.
Twitter: @bpearce21

Stay strong, Bill Pearce.

Even this kid knows what's up.

Instagram: @jeejeron

I believe the children are our future.

If this looks appetizing to you, my one question is this: Who hurt you?

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