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    This Makeup Artist Turned Herself Into Ron Swanson And It Is Jaw-Dropping

    "Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing." —Ron Swanson

    This is makeup artist and YouTube personality Katelyn Galloway, aka Kiki G.

    Kiki G / Via

    And THIS is Ron Swanson, from Parks and Recreation.


    Somehow, Kiki G. is going to transform herself into this with the magic of makeup.

    Clearly, Kiki is a Parks and Rec fan, starting her video strong with a Leslie Knope quote:

    Kiki G. / Via

    She says, "I feel as though my whole life has been leading up to this moment where I can unveil to the world my true inner self."

    And so, the transformation begins.

    Kiki G. / Via

    First, Kiki gets into character a bit with the help of a smart shirt, a wig, and of course the moustache.

    And obviously the bacon and eggs poster. Always bacon and eggs.

    And then with meticulous penciling, shading, and highlighting...

    The incredible transformation is complete!

    Kiki G. / Via


    Pretty great — don't you think, Ron?