Watch Tina Fey And Tituss Burgess Sing A Hilarious Duet Together

    They slayed the crowd with their rendition of "You’re Nothing Without Me” from the musical City of Angels.

    On Monday night, the superstar singer behind “Peeno Noir,” aka Tituss Burgess, performed a duet with the one and only Tina Fey at MCC Theater’s annual Miscast Gala and it was pretty much the best.

    Tituss could barely keep it together when Tina interrupted his barb with a witty aside.

    And Tina did not pass up the opportunity to lovingly call out her pal's latest business venture.

    Look at these goofballs!

    Do yourself a favor and watch the entire video. It's really something special.

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    The MCC Theater's Miscast Gala is an annual benefit that brings together broadway stars to perform songs from roles they would never be cast in. This year's event opened with an incredible performance by three insanely talented broadway kids: School of Rock's Luca Padovan, Les Misérables' Joshua Colley, and Kinky Boots' Douglas Baldeo singing Hamilton's "The Schuyler Sisters."