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This Dog Groomer's Insanely Cute Instagram Account Will Take You To Your Happy Place

Instagram has really gone to the dogs, in the best possible way.

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Los Angeles-based dog groomer Jess Rona is more than just a groomer, she's an artist.

These Instagram videos of her four-legged clients will take you on little 16-second journeys to Happy Town, USA.

1. There are so many reasons to love her Instagram, like this punk-rock pup, who is living for the blow dry. / Via Instagram: @jessronagrooming

2. This bewitching little sweetheart.

3. This beautiful little weirdo.

4. This cotton-candy princess.

5. This tiny polar bear, ready to hibernate.

6. This sleepy little puffball.

7. This perfect poodle, who is living the dream.

8. This dramatic cutie-pie.

9. This portrait of serenity.

10. This vision of happiness.

11. This melancholy heartbreaker.

13. This butterscotch beauty.

15. And this friendly pup with a hint of flair.

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