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Here's One Last Luke And Lorelai Selfie From The Gilmore Girls Revival

We've been waiting nine years to see Luke and Lorelai together again.

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Gilmore Girls fans have been waiting with bated breath for the upcoming Netflix revival, which will reportedly premiere later this year.

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Since the original series finale aired on May 15, 2007, fans have been longing for more of the greatest love story of all time, Luke and Lorelai.

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Well, it's nine years later and Luke Danes himself, Scott Patterson, posted this selfie with Lauren Graham after wrapping the revival, Gilmore Girls: Seasons!

Twitter: @ScottGPatterson


He also shouted out some major love and support for his amazing co-star:

"That's a wrap! Just hand @thelaurengraham the Emmy now!"
Twitter: @ScottGPatterson

"That's a wrap! Just hand @thelaurengraham the Emmy now!"

Also feeling the love, Keiko Agena aka Lane Kim posted this sweet photo with Yanic Truesdale (Michel) from the wrap party.

💜💜 BRB — heart exploding all over the place. 💜💜


Oy, with the corrections already: Once I calmed down from the excitement of all of these selfies and had a cup of Luke's best, the post was edited to reflect that Keiko Agena's photo was a photo from the wrap party, not a throwback.

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