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    Everyone Is Freaking Out About This Jeopardy Champion

    Love him or hate him, Buzzy Cohen is having a great time trolling Alex Trebek for all of us.

    This is Buzzy Cohen, the current reigning Jeopardy champion, who so far has racked up a seven-day total of $133,402 in winnings.

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    He's a CHAMPION, guys. And you know what? He's having a little fun with it.

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    Heck, even ALEX TREBEK is getting into it!

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    And you know what? He's earned it. The guy is on a hot streak.

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    Making those "true Daily Doubles" LIKE A BOSS.

    Also, clearly an SNL fan, he's delightfully trolling Alex Trebek with his Final Jeopardy answers...

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    Day six.

    Because when you have earned enough money that you can't lose in Final Jeopardy, what else is there to do?

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    Day seven.

    People are going nuts over this guy.

    He definitely has his share of haters, even inspiring an entire Twitter account called Screw Buzzy Cohen.

    But for all the haters, there are those who are definitely feeling the love for Buzzy:

    1. It's time to take a stand: Are you Team Buzzy or nah?

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    It's time to take a stand: Are you Team Buzzy or nah?
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      YES! Buzzy forever.
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      NO! I can't stand him.

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