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    18 Vines That Are So Good They'll Make You Sad That It's Going Away

    RIP, Vine. You were so good to us.

    Upon hearing the sad news that Twitter is shutting down Vine, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to help us say goodbye to the platform by sharing their favorite Vines of all time. Let's take a trip down six-second memory lane, shall we?

    1. Lady and The Tramp IRL:

    Submitted by elizabethcarr098.

    2. Hot dog wizardry:

    Submitted by toryc4243b69b4.

    3. Here I go like...what?:

    Submitted by gabecap2.

    4. The realest TV theme:

    Submitted by barksdalepulleni.

    5. SO emo:

    Submitted by stuckyandsolangelo.

    6. Twin troubles:

    Submitted by heyitsmaria.

    7. Perfect sound editing:

    Submitted by d489be5b80.

    8. When swag goes bad:

    Submitted by d489be5b80.

    9. "Your camera's broke":

    Submitted by d489be5b80.

    10. Get it, Mama:

    Submitted by chanelg2.

    11. The wrong kind of makeup:

    Submitted by elizabethcarr098.

    12. Wait for it:

    Submitted by hollyn4250c9eea.

    13. Staring across the room:

    Submitted by eloraghe.

    14. LET IT RIP!:

    Submitted by clared4b60c6e9d.

    15. That took a turn:

    Submitted by clared4b60c6e9d.

    16. BBQ for the grandkids:

    Submitted by clared4b60c6e9d.

    17. Raised up:

    Submitted by rachvt.

    18. "I smell like beef":

    Submitted by keniab2.

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