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    Jul 30, 2015

    These Men Shared Their Craziest Misconceptions About Sex

    Did Boyz II Men lie to us all?

    In this hilarious video by Cosmopolitan, guys bravely recall the weird and hilarious misconceptions they had about sex.

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    Before losing his virginity, this guy thought it was going to be a difficult process. Not necessarily getting to have sex, but the actual having sex part.

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    He eventually discovered, it was actually quite natural.

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    This man based his expectations on some R&B slow jams.

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    This sensitive soul thought that women didn't enjoy sex...

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    He added, "They're so lucky that they got a woman who was willing to do that for them."

    And this gent imagined some kind of Freaky Friday situation.

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    Did Boyz II Men give us all false hope?

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    Nope, still SEXY AF.

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