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Life Is Hard, So Here's 17 Pictures Of Dogs Loving The Shit Out Of Pizza

Because dogs are the best. And pizza is also the best.

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1. This sweet face that ain't too proud to beg:

mrsschwallie / Via

2. This happy little pupper who got a special treat:

abbieinwonderland_ / Via

3. This pup who can't believe his good luck:

theo4president / Via

4. This side-eye champ who can't believe the humans didn't share:

double_indemnity / Via

5. This poor sweetheart who deserves a break:

nataliepang1014 / Via

6. This tiny pug who is holding on for dear life:

pugpics_05 / Via

7. This little cutie who appreciates a thing of beauty:

mamapeinaogr / Via

8. This happy pal who loves to share:

lucyannlou / Via

9. This daring Frenchie who is about to take a leap:

bellafrench1 / Via

10. This bite-sized Yorkie with impeccable table manners:

manolito451 / Via

11. This eager doggie who just can't get past his human's blockade:

pennythelakiefox / Via

12. This resourceful dude who is not too good for scraps:

lajulimoon / Via

13. This little darling who is juuuuuuust out of reach:

alittlepetinn / Via

14. This patient fella who has been waiting for that crust:

saffran0spice / Via Instagram: @saffran0spice

15. This sweet face who has mastered the puppy-dog eyes:

emthemaltipoo / Via Instagram: @emthemaltipoo

16. This sneaky pup who managed to get away with it:

theworldlovescharlie / Via Instagram: @theworldlovescharlie

17. And this pup is who is totally saying "sorry, not sorry":

kevin_kash_ / Via

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