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Beyoncé Graced The Hit Musical "Dear Evan Hansen" With Her Presence And The Cast Completely Lost Their Minds

Dear Beyoncé, we can't even. Sincerely, the cast of Dear Evan Hansen.

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So, the hit Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen is kind of a big deal. Like, it just won six Tony awards, including Best Musical.

Dear Evan Hansen / Via

And naturally, Beyoncé just had to stop by and see the best show on Broadway, because — I'm not sure if you know it — she is also a VERY BIG DEAL.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Here's Ben Platt, the star of the show, trying not to completely freak out backstage — even though he was pretty close to death.

@bensplatt / Instagram / Via Instagram: @bensplatt

The cast just barely held it together long enough to take this very chill photo...

@kristolynlloyd / Instagram / Via Instagram: @kristolynlloyd

...but as soon as she was gone, they all lost their minds.

The Aftermath... #Beyonce #DearEvanHansen #🐝

Complete meltdowns. But I mean, can you blame them?

@KristolynLloyd / Instagram / Via Twitter: @KristolynLloyd

That's just what happens when she crosses your path.

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