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Britney Spears Was Terrified When A Man Rushed Onto The Stage During Her Vegas Show

"He's got a gun?"

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Britney Spears experienced a scary moment when a man unexpectedly rushed the stage during her Piece of Me residency show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas last night.

Instagram: @alvarito_arguello

This video, taken by a fan, shows the exact moment when the man took the stage, did a backflip, and was promptly taken down by security.

The man jumped on Britney's stage doing backflips, I can't even. #SHOOKETH

In another fan video, you can see the exact moment when Britney realizes something is happening, asking security, "He's got a gun?" before being taken off stage to safety.

my baby almost got attacked on stage tonight I wanna cry

The audience shouted "Asshole!" while some of Britney's dancers helped security hold down and handcuff the man, later identified to TMZ by law enforcement as 37-year-old Jess Webb.

Instagram: @alvarito_arguello

No weapons were found in Webb's possession.

Stay safe, Britney!

Chris Crocker / Via

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