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Stop Everything And Watch This Incredible Batman/Hamilton Mashup

His name is Batlexander Manilton.

In case you are not familiar with the musical sensation that is Hamilton, do yourself a favor and listen to the opening track, "Alexander Hamilton."

Using that opening number as a guide, comedy collective Turtle Cameron added their own lyrics to tell the story of another American hero — Batman, and it's pretty fucking perfect.

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You can read the original Hamilton lyrics here, just to appreciate how much attention to detail was made in this genius parody.

Line for line, this parody nails the cadence and flow of the hip-hop musical.

Turtle Cameron / Via

It introduces the hero with the same foreshadowing intensity.

Turltle Cameron / Via

Enter "Batlexander Manilton."

Turtle Cameron / Via


Here's the part where we meet the incredible supporting cast of characters.

Turtle Cameron / Via

Once again, beat-for-beat, flawless.

And of course, every hero must have his (super) villain.

Turtle Cameron / Via

Aaron Burr meet Clark Kent.

♫ The world will never be the same. ♫

Turtle Cameron / Via

Can we please make this musical happen, IRL?

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