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    27 Pictures Of Dogs Getting Baths That Will Make Your Heart Explode

    Their misery is so adorable.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share photos of their unhappy bathtub pups, and the results are adorably heartbreaking.

    1. "But I thought I was a good boy."

    2. "Guys, let's talk about this. I'm sure we can work something out."

    3. "You first."

    4. "What's happening? Why am I wet?"

    5. "You can't take my freeeeeedoooooooom!"

    6. "You'd better hide your shoes later when we get home."

    7. "Where's Sarah McLaughlin when you need her?"

    8. " don't have to do this."

    9. "Well, this is humiliating."

    10. "I feel so betrayed right now."

    11. "Why?"

    12. "I'm not 100% comfortable with this situation, guys."

    13. "I trusted you, MOM...if that is your real name."

    14. "You've broken my heart."

    15. "Go to your happy place, man."

    16. "Please don't put this on the internet."

    17. "What fresh hell is this?!"

    18. "When did you stop loving me?"

    19. "No, really. I'm FINE."

    20. "We're trapped! There's no way out!"

    21. "What are you gonna do to me with THAT thing?"

    22. "This was a huge mistake."

    23. "I saw Titanic. I'm not letting go."

    24. "What has become of me?"

    25. "HAAAAAAAALP!"

    26. "I hope you're pleased with yourself."

    27. "You will live to regret this. Someday. Somehow."

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