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24 Things Pregnant Women Wish They Could Feel More Guilty About, But They’re Too Busy Growing A Human

Using pregnancy as an excuse to get out of plans you don't want to keep.

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1. Spending more money on maternity clothes than you normally do on your regular wardrobe.

2. Farting in public.

3. Helping yourself to the last slice of pizza, even though you have already eaten more of it than anyone else...because it's "for the baby."

4. Sending your partner out late at night for a random craving.

5.Calling in sick to work way more than usual, thanks to "morning sickness" that lasts all day.

6. Taking someone's seat, even when you're not really that tired, but you're still growing a human life, so...

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7. Blowing up the bathroom on a daily basis.

8. Using ALL the toilet paper in the process.

9. Not replacing the roll, and blaming "baby brain."

10. Yelling at your partner for no apparent reason other than random mood swings.

11. Crying at the drop of a hat, again with no reason or warning.

12. Expecting your partner to be a mind reader.


13. Drinking any amount of caffeine, even after the doctor said it was ok in moderation.

14. Using pregnancy as an excuse to get out of plans you don't want to keep.

15. Using pregnancy to say no to basically any invitation to begin with.

16. Waking up your partner accidentally, every time you get up to pee in the middle of the night.

17. Taking up the whole bed.

18. Eating all of the snacks, even the ones you know are your partner's favorite.


19. Telling someone that the thing they just cooked for you makes you want to throw up.

20. Throwing up in someone else's home.

21. Forgetting important things like your best friend's birthday or your partner's name.

22. Talking about being pregnant all the time, to everyone.

23. Not working out. At all.

24. And finally, not actually being sorry about any of it, because you're growing a freaking human life inside your body and it is a glorious miracle, damn it!

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