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19 Life-Changing Hacks To Get You Through Every Stage Of Pregnancy

You'll never look at an inner tube the same way again.

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11. Keep a stash of the things you need to get through the 24/7 nausea of early pregnancy close to your bed. / Via

This kit could include known nausea staples like dry crackers, sour candy, tissues, water, and a distraction like a favorite book/magazine, or some knitting!

12. For those of you who are pregnant through those long, hot summer months, keep a bra in the freezer.

queenshospitaleg / Via

Slumber party prank turned into lifesaving pregnancy hack = full circle.


16. Many mamas swear that eating dates can be a natural way to induce and shorten labor.

lovelauragrove / Via

The general consensus is that eating six dates a day starting at 36 weeks of pregnancy can do the trick.

18. Coconut oil is not only soothing and healthy for your skin, it's also safe for baby.

first_time_mummy_to_be / Via

This means you can use it to soothe dry, achy nipples and still breastfeed without having to wipe it clean.

19. Speaking of wiping things clean, use essential oils mixed with a bit of vinegar for safe, non-toxic DIY cleaning products.

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