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    Ten Local Newspaper Stories Which Prove Christmas Was UTTERLY RUINED For Everybody

    Christmas. The season of happiness or goodwill, unless somebody else utterly ruined it for you and you were forced - FORCED - to go to your local newspaper to tell everybody how awful a Christmas you had. Give a journalist a Happy New Year and buy a local newspaper.

    Wiltshire Times / Via

    The people who say their Christmas day was UTTERLY RUINED by rock-hard stuffing balls.

    Dave Cox / Via

    The couple whose Christmas Day was UTTERLY RUINED by getting turkey instead of the veggie option.

    Marie Caley / Via

    The diners who say their Christmas Day was UTTERLY RUINED by a low-quality 'luxury' carvery meal.

    Lisa Ferguson / Via

    The traders whose Christmas was UTTERLY RUINED by their Lapland market actually being Crapland.

    Alex Hannam / Via

    This girl whose (parents) Christmas Day was UTTERLY RUINED because the laptop she got as a present was locked.

    David Johnson / Via

    These chaps with enormous hands whose Christmas was UTTERLY RUINED after thieves made off with their village's lights.

    York Press / Via

    Christmas in York wasn't actually UTTERLY RUINED by the kidnapping of Baby Jesus, as they've far more important things on their minds.

    Bradford Telegraph and Argus / Via

    These villagers had their Christmas UTTERLY RUINED when workmen cut down their 35-foot fully decorated and fully lit Christmas tree,

    Colchester Daily Gazette / Via

    The grandmother whose Christmas was UTTERLY RUINED by thieves who stole the lights she put out to entertain the kiddiewinks. Sad-looking kiddiewinks added for scale.

    Sunderland Echo / Via

    Santa and his elf whose Christmas was UTTERLY RUINED by yobs throwing eggs at their train.

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