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16 Stages Of Being An Unpaid Intern

No matter how fun it looks on the outside, it still sucks.

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1. You can't wait to start this opportunity.

Because finally you get to do something remotely close to your dream job. (Okay... not really but you like to tell yourself that.)

2. You make sure to dress your best and impress everyone.

First impressions are everything.

3. You'll do any task to get noticed.

Coffee? Copies? Lunch run?

4. And you'll do anything to get close to your boss.

5. But you're totally terrified of your boss' boss.


I'm no longer just "intern"!

7. You start to make office friends.

Yay! You don't have to eat lunch alone at your desk any more!

8. After hour activies become a regular thing.

Because who doesn't like discounted alcohol and appetizers?

9. You kinda love life right now.

Yeah, it's pretty great. Besides the whole not getting paid part.

10. But then little things start to bug you.

Like how Joe always clicks his pen when he's on the phone...

11. Coffee? Again?!

Get your own damn coffee!

12. And you never noticed how condescending your boss is.

What am I, an intern? Oh wait...

13. You are not getting paid enough to do this. In fact, you're not getting paid at all.

WHY did I think this was a good idea in the first place?!

14. At this point, you stopped impressing people.

Who cares if I wore this shirt twice in a row?

15. You start looking for new jobs. Anything but this.

I hear the corner is hiring.

16. When it's finally over, you bounce out of there like a bad check with no intention of coming back.

Unless there's a job opening, of course.

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