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    There Is Only One Reason To Watch "Into The Storm"

    And it's not because of any incredible use of the found-footage format.

    Warner Bros. Entertainment

    Into the Storm

    If you want to watch an exciting movie about tornados, your best bet would be to skip Into the Storm, which opens this Friday, Aug. 8, and reach for a Twister DVD instead. Into the Storm is a found-footage take on storm chasers and storm victims that pads its destruction out with endless scenes of exposition featuring an array of boring characters, all of whom have their own not always convincing reasons to keep filming in the face of certain death by killer weather pattern.

    But Into the Storm has one thing going for it.

    There's a tornado...

    ...that catches on fire.

    Warner Bros.

    Fire tornado!

    Warner Bros.


    Warner Bros.

    The fire tornado also eats someone. (Isn't that the technical term?)

    In conclusion, viva the firenado. Long may it rage.

    Warner Bros.

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