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21 Things You Should Never Say To People Who Are Actually Gluten-Free

No, we're not doing this for fun.

1. "I couldn't live without bread."

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Eh, you'd manage.

2. "Can't you just cheat?"

NBC / Via

3. "But what if you only had half a bagel?"

AMC / Via

Then I'd get sick. :/

4. "Are you just doing it cause it's trendy?"

New Line Cinema / Warner Bros. / Guy Walks Into a Bar Productions / Via

Nope! People who have celiac disease cannot break down gluten; it can lead to diabetes, cancer, and other serious conditions if they're not careful.

5. "Oh I know exactly what that's like, I'm a vegan/vegetarian."

Bravo / Via

Being a vegan or vegetarian is a choice.

6. "Do you miss pasta? Do you miss pizza? Do you miss cake?"

HBO / Game of Thrones / Via

... Yes.

7. "I would kill myself if I couldn't eat pizza." / Via


8. "All gluten-free food is terrible."

FOX / Via Arrested Development

OK, the 90s were not a good time for gluten-free food. But there are so many amazing gluten-free products now! Chances are if you tried something, you would genuinely enjoy it. You might not even notice a difference.

9. "I'm gluten-free too!" *sips beer* "...Sometimes."

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10. "I tried to be gluten-free once to lose weight."

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

11. "We're all going out to eat, so you probably won't want to come."

USA / Via

Wait, no, please still include me.

12. "What happens when you eat gluten?"

VH1 / Via

I will go into a detailed poop account if you want me to, but we're at a dinner table, so Iet's talk later.

13. "At least you don't have to be tempted by all this food!"

VH1 / Via

Well, maybe not at this bakery. But have you heard of ice cream? Or gluten-free bread? Or gluten-free pasta? Or gluten-free cake???? I got options, baby!

14. "Science will probably change its mind in, like, three years, and you'll be safe again."


You're right. The dozens of doctors I went to were probably all wrong, and the years of feeling sick were just a fever dream.

15. "What even is gluten, though?"

20th Century Fox / Via Home Alone

Doing a Google search doesn't hurt! There's lots of info out there.

16. "What do you mean you can't eat these brownies I just made? Is your diet more important?"

Warner Bros. Pictures

I STILL LOVE YOU AS A FRIEND, but my tummy does not love that flour.

17. "I bet you never gain weight!"

~AnYtHiNg Is PoSsIbLe~

18. "I'm on a gluten-free diet right now, it's HORRIBLE. I'll probably give up soon."

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions

19. "Oh! I just read an article saying it's not the gluten that hurts you, it's some other kind of protein/carbohydrate/science word. Isn't that good news?"

Fox / Via

Hate to break it to ya but that article probably doesn't apply here.

20. "I can’t believe you spend that much money on fake bread products. Aren’t you broke from all this?"

Paramount Pictures / Via

Well, yes actually! But I don't really have a choice.

21. "You're so brave. I'd die if I were you."

FOX / Ex Factor / Via

Hey now, don't worry about me. I've got enough awesome to keep on keepin' on!