21 Things You Should Never Say To People Who Are Actually Gluten-Free

No, we're not doing this for fun.

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4. "Are you just doing it cause it's trendy?"

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Nope! People who have celiac disease cannot break down gluten; it can lead to diabetes, cancer, and other serious conditions if they're not careful.

8. "All gluten-free food is terrible."

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OK, the 90s were not a good time for gluten-free food. But there are so many amazing gluten-free products now! Chances are if you tried something, you would genuinely enjoy it. You might not even notice a difference.

13. "At least you don't have to be tempted by all this food!"

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Well, maybe not at this bakery. But have you heard of ice cream? Or gluten-free bread? Or gluten-free pasta? Or gluten-free cake???? I got options, baby!

14. "Science will probably change its mind in, like, three years, and you'll be safe again."


You're right. The dozens of doctors I went to were probably all wrong, and the years of feeling sick were just a fever dream.

16. "What do you mean you can't eat these brownies I just made? Is your diet more important?"

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I STILL LOVE YOU AS A FRIEND, but my tummy does not love that flour.

19. "Oh! I just read an article saying it's not the gluten that hurts you, it's some other kind of protein/carbohydrate/science word. Isn't that good news?"

20. "I can’t believe you spend that much money on fake bread products. Aren’t you broke from all this?"