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People On Instagram Are Freezing Smoothies Into Vegan Ice Cream

A feast for the eyes ~and~ the mouth.

Do you LOVE ice cream?

Baskin Robbins

But maybe you're vegan or lactose intolerant? Or maybe you're just a fan of ~switching things up~, food-wise?

Then feast your eyes on vegan NICE CREAM.

Lina Saber / Via

"Growing up, I loved all kinds of ice cream," Lina Saber — recipe developer and soon-to-be author of Radiant Plant Life — told BuzzFeed. "I was also unconscious about the unhealthy ingredients that were used to make it. I knew there had to be another way to enjoy ice cream daily without all the chemicals."

Nice cream is basically a super tasty frozen smoothie.

Lina Saber / Via

This one contains frozen bananas, mango, and organic orange oil. For a basic nice cream recipe, go here.

To make it, you need a food processor and a base of either frozen bananas or coconut cream.

Lina Saber / Via

"The base has to always have something creamy, or you'll end up with an icy sorbet rather than a creamy consistency," Saber said. Add other favorite fruits and flavors, blend it together, and freeze it overnight.

To make them extra creamy, avoid water and opt for guar gum.

Lina Saber / Via

"Water makes it too icy after freezing overnight," Saber said. " But guar gum (which comes in powder form) prevents the nice cream from getting an icy texture — making it so much creamier!" You can also use organic canned coconut milk for a similar effect.

As for flavors, you can let your imagination run wild.

Lina Saber / Via

"Mint and pistachio was a crazy good one — it had peppermint oil and crushed pistachios and coconut cream," Saber said. "I also love experimenting with superfood powders like pomegranate powder, Maqui powder, mint powder, and goji berry powder."

As for Saber's fave flavor, it's all-natural bubblegum.

Lina Saber / Via

"It’s a blend of chilled watermelon chunks, frozen bananas, frozen raspberries, a big scoop of pomegranate powder, and thick coconut cream," Saber said.

And when it comes to the Instagram community, they just can't seem to get enough.

#nicecream has tons of delicious, creamy, beautifully photographed concoctions.

Look at this overflowing bounty of creamy heaven:

@Deljardinvegan / Via

And take a gander at this mint chip masterpiece:

I scream, you scream, we all scream for NICE CREAM!

Lina Saber / Via