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15 People Are Actually Just Satan In Human Form

Satan is alive and well.

1. This woman who is so high she could be capable of anything:


2. This caring friend:

Carl Quion / Via

3. This totally innocent teen:

No cavities, bitches. You're welcome.

4. Everyone's favorite Aunt Jenny:

Mom: "Ugh, he's just so prone to nightmares." Aunt: "This'll be fun..."

5. This lovely student who wanted to treat his class to eclairs:

You go to hell, sir.

6. This roommate who would never want to give you PTSD:

Dane Cannon / Via

Yes, Satan, sir, today's good.

7. The big brother who just wuvs his widdle seester so much:

granthalamew / Via

In the box: the only pair of scissors in the house.

8. This kind co-worker:

Ownagetacos / Via

Damn, Pavlov.

9. This non-spotlight-hogging baby bro:

GotNervousThatMyLastUsernameMadeItTooEasyToIdentifyMe / Via

Consider that thunder STOLEN.

10. This thoughtful boyfriend:

dauntlessds / Via

That's one way to be single again.

11. Mark Leggett:


12. This child who is actually Satan taking a chem test:

Mth96 / Via

Who knew the Antichrist went to middle school?

13. This incredible hotel guest:

Not creepy. Not creepy at all.

14. This aspiring baker:

@shaynazaremsky / Via Twitter: @shaynazaremsky

So cruel.

15. And lastly, ALL CATS:

omTe / Via

If I fits...

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