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    13 Crucial Money-Saving Charts You Wish You Knew About Sooner

    Dolla dolla bills, y'all.

    1. Follow this simple budgeting rule so you can keep more of that cash money:

    Anna Borges / BuzzFeed / Via

    For more info on how to really break down your budget, go here.

    2. For smart spending, know the perfect times to buy your essentials. / Via

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are your BFFs for big appliances. For a routine oil change, try to go early in the morning and ask for a deal.

    3. Avoid common money mistakes that make you spend without knowing it. / Via

    Another rule: Let your savings earn interest so that your money can make money. And a good interest rate is worth its weight in gold.

    4. For a quick way to save $$$, unplug certain appliances. / Via

    Instead of unplugging everything individually, use power strips for all of your energy-draining appliances. Before heading to the office or going on vacation, turn the strip off and you'll save on your next bill.

    5. Set and keep track of your money goals with a few choice apps. / Via

    And check out the free Coach Me app to track your habits and stay on top of your spending.

    6. When it comes to groceries, store everything the right way to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

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    It's a long list, but this is the ONLY list you'll ever need. Go here, print out a copy, and hang it on the fridge for all to see.

    7. And to keep from wasting money, freeze specific foods when you can.

    Yes, you can freeze milk and it'll stay for 3 months. Frozen milk is also a great trick for a super frosty smoothie.

    8. Make sure you don't over-buy for a party you're hosting.

    This also helps if you're buying for roommates because you're the *mom* in your friend group.

    9. Instead of getting a whole new wardrobe, just freshen up your classics:

    Lauren Zaser / Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    You know you have wine and chocolate stains all over your white tees. Get more details about how to actually remove stains here.

    10. To keep gas from becoming a money pit, try these car tricks:

    Net Credit / Via

    Seriously. You should replace that old filter roughly every 30,000 miles, according to

    11. When you plan your next vacay, pick a location that fits your budget. / Via

    Even though the flight can get expensive, your money can go far once you touch down in India.

    12. And when it comes to booking a flight, a little strategy can save some serious dollars.

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    Golden hour for booking: 3 p.m. EST on Tuesday.

    13. If you’re traveling abroad, know how tipping works at your destination so you don't overspend.

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    Yes, tipping can be seen as offensive in Japan. Keep tipping rules in mind to stay respectful and spend smartly.

    Now save that ~paper~.