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Posted on Nov 29, 2015

23 Gifts Every Unicorn Lover Needs In Their Life

Totally and completely magical.

If you want to see the 2016 unicorn gift guide, click here!

Amy Sefton for BuzzFeed

1. These dream-come-true sheer socks:

Get them here ($7.50).

2. This magical unicorn necklace:

Get it here ($17.99).

3. This dainty unicorn dish:

Get it here ($18).

4. These darling unicorn ballet flats:

Buy them here ($39.99).

5. This notebook that's literally YOU:

Get it here ($14.75).

6. This totally genius unicorn corkscrew:

Ge it here ($16.50).

7. This glittery unicorn bag:

Buy it here ($44.99).

8. This cozy AF unicorn onesie:

Buy it here ($69).

9. This adorable unicorn light:

Buy it here ($14.99).

10. This incredible tee:

Get it here ($45).

11. These positively wondrous slipper boots:

Buy them here ($27).

12. This crazy-cool bag:

Buy it here ($32).

13. This tee that gets your priorities:

Get it here ($29.99).

14. These spectacular converter gloves:

Buy them here ($18).

15. These one-of-a-kind sunglasses:

Get it here ($55).

16. These special unicorn socks:

Get them here ($10).

17. This necklace that speaks your truth:

Get it here ($28).

18. These super-cute little socks:

Get them here ($7.50).

19. These reflective pink earrings:

Get them here ($22).

20. These unicorn string lights:

Get them here ($24.80).

21. These magically sexy over-the-knee unicorn tights:

Get them here ($8.50).

22. This drinkworthy hip flask:

Get it here $18).

23. And lastly, this gin that's supposed to taste like unicorn tears (aka pure magic):

Get it here ($60).

Feel the ~magic~.

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