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25 Super Last-Minute Halloween Costumes That Will Blow People's Minds

So cute. So easy.

Amy Sefton for Buzzfeed

1. "When life hands you lemons..."

2. Pigs in a blanket:

Pinterest user Laura St / Via

So quick. So cozy.

3. The Spice Girls:

Literally. Print out photos of spices and stick them to tees or write out spice names on white shirts.

4. This deviled egg:

Devil ears + white tee with yellow circle painted on it.

5. Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers:

Tara Block / Via

So cute and easy.

6. This ice cream cone:

Any tan skirt here will do!

7. This pun-master: / Via

Anyone can do this. ANYONE.

8. This genius idea:

Reddit user zjbird / Via

So very super insanely last-minute.

9. This meta take by dressing up as Jim dressing up for Halloween:

Instagram user alex.0318 / Via

Fans of The Office know what I'm talking about.

10. This amazing emoji:

Put on a pink shirt and pretend that you're waitressing with an invisible tray. That's it!

11. Grapes:

Grab some balloons and some fake leaves from the dollar store and you're all set.

12. Identity theft:

Instagram user katie_holla / Via Instagram: @katie_holla

Literally takes two seconds.

13. Movie theater floor:

Pinterest user SWAGGRABBER

And you can totally eat stuff off of yourself when you get too drunk.

14. A wolf:

The genius hack here is to just glue some felt pieces onto a gray hoodie instead of buying an actual costume.

15. This jail bird:

If you don't have wings lying around, make them out of cardboard or forgo the wings altogether and just go for heavy winged eyeliner to get the point across.

16. Hipster Disney Princesses:

Got big glasses, pastel clothes, and a wig? Your job here is finished.

17. Arnold and Gerald from Hey Arnold!:

Construction paper is your BFF for this quick costume.

18. These milkshakes:

Jeff Mindell; Studio DIY / Via

For the cherry on top, you can glue a red ball or balloon onto a white baseball cap and wear it backwards.

19. Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan:

Brit +Co. / Via Facebook: media

Such cool couples or besties costumes.

20. These emojis:

Draw out your emoji on construction paper and glue it to a wooden popsicle stick or chopstick. Wear all black.

21. This cute and easy sushi costume:

Paint a pillow and use a scarf to tie it to your back.

22. This pun-a-licious idea:

Get out your Sunday best (and some paper and twine).

23. This creative superhero:

Instead of shooting webs, he shoots coupons.

24. Lisa Turtle from Saved by the Bell:

Bring out your '90s-inspired vests and back-comb that hair, gurl.

25. Wilson from Home Improvement:

Glue together some craft sticks for the best DIY fence ever.

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