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15 Gifts Every Harry Potter Beauty Fanatic Secretly Wants

Because *brushes* are wands, too.

1. This whimsical AF brush set.

2. This compact version of the Marauder's Map.

3. These *spellbinding* nail decals.

4. This watercolor-esque galaxy temporary tattoo.

5. This lightning bolt nail polish.

6. This all-natural butterbeer lip balm.

7. This magic wand foundation brush.

8. This jar of hair conditioner that's a replica of Hagrid's infamous b-day cake.

9. These nail decals that are a subtle take on the Hogwarts scarves.

10. This tiny HP-inspired pocket mirror.

11. This vegan butterbeer-flavored lip gloss (that has a sparkly *foam head*).

12. This Marauder's Map in makeup bag form.

13. This makeup brush holder that knows your brushes by their *true* names.

14. This amazing Dementor bath bomb.

15. And lastly, this *EPIC* prosthetic Harry scar for when you're feeling super legit.

Makeup = M*A*G*I*C*