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15 Gifts Every Harry Potter Beauty Fanatic Secretly Wants

Because *brushes* are wands, too.

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

1. This whimsical AF brush set.

This set is currently available for pre-order from Storybook Cosmetics for $55. Follow the company on Instagram to find out when they're in stock or sign up for their newsletter for updates. Order them here.

2. This compact version of the Marauder's Map.

Get it from Joyful Moose for $12.

3. These *spellbinding* nail decals.

Get them from Love By Luna Co for $5.99.

4. This watercolor-esque galaxy temporary tattoo.

Get it from Siideways for $10.62.

5. This lightning bolt nail polish.

Get it from Nova Polish for $9.50.

6. This all-natural butterbeer lip balm.

Get it from Nerdie Nifties for $3.50.

7. This magic wand foundation brush.

Get it from Le Bijou Design for $10.

8. This jar of hair conditioner that's a replica of Hagrid's infamous b-day cake.

Get it from Baby Corn for $6.

9. These nail decals that are a subtle take on the Hogwarts scarves.

Get them from Tattify for $4.99.

10. This tiny HP-inspired pocket mirror.

Get it from The Cotton Bobbins for $8.21.

11. This vegan butterbeer-flavored lip gloss (that has a sparkly *foam head*).

Get it from Shiro Cosmetics for $10.

12. This Marauder's Map in makeup bag form.

Get it from Hot Topic for $6.65.

13. This makeup brush holder that knows your brushes by their *true* names.

Etsy / Pottery By Kelsey

Get it from Pottery By Kelsey for $25.

14. This amazing Dementor bath bomb.

Get it from Sweetweather Sisters for $2.50.

15. And lastly, this *EPIC* prosthetic Harry scar for when you're feeling super legit.

Etsy / Silicone FX

Get it from Silicone FX for $3.78.

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