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31 DIY Valentine's Gifts That Will Make Them Love You Even More

Flowers die. Pink Starbursts last forever.

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4. Say that you chopped down a tree to make this phone case — even though you didn't.

Meera Lee Patel // Ulysses Press / Via

Use a pencil to trace the shape of your phone onto a sheet of wood-grain contact paper. Cut out the shape with an X-acto blade, remove paper backing, and stick to your phone case. Learn how to make it with InstaCraft.


8. Assemble a coffee cup bouquet.

Feed them caffeine so that they'll stay up late with you.


14. Tell them REESEntly that you love them.

For your hottie pun-lover.


19. Makeover a map from your latest trip together.

Meera Lee Patel // Ulysses Press // InstaCraft / Via

Use acrylic letters to spell out a phrase on an old map. Apply a coat of white paint. Peel off the letters and let dry for one hour. Travelers rejoice!


23. Hand dye gloves.

Meera Lee Patel // Ulysses Press // InstaCraft / Via

For this craft, I dipped each finger into a bowl of pink fabric dye. Then, I used clothespins to fix the gloves to a hanger to dry for two hours. Learn how to make it here.

31. Print out this card.

It's genius.