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    Posted on Jun 7, 2016

    16 Faces That'll Make People Good At Arguing Say "That's Me"

    It's not my fault I have a lawyer's intuition.

    1. When an argument starts and you get a jolt of excitement.


    Yes, keep on talking because I am now preparing to ninja your brain.

    2. And then you make your first remark and it's just so damn articulate.


    Just watch me shut this down right now.

    3. But then they come back at you with another point.


    Ohhhhhhhhh two can play this game, buddy.

    4. So you decide to get all lawyerly on them and you start thinking of the next ~brilliant~ thing to say.

    You got this, coach.

    5. And you REALLY explain it this time.

    There's no way you're not picking up what I'm putting down.

    6. At this point it seems like you've won.

    But the battle has just started.

    7. And then they say something like "fine" or "sure" or "whatever" and you try REALLY hard not to say anything.

    Nope. Nah. Not going to be a baby about this.


    The last word MUST be mine.

    9. Then they say one more thing and you're like ohhhhhh let's go.

    You asked for it.

    10. You give them a really emphatic "RIGHTTTTT."

    But then have more to say.

    11. And then you get just a little louder.

    Because maybe just being loud will silence them?

    12. And then you just start acting like a damn baby.

    And you know it.

    13. And you start saying random things that you don't even mean.

    Ugh noooooo takeitbacktakeitback.

    14. But now they've been said.

    I know I'll regret this is 20 seconds.

    15. And then they roll their eyes and walk away.

    You have been defeated, my friend.

    16. And at long last, it seems like you've won.



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