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So, if you're a beauty and makeup addict like me, you pretty sure know by now what it is (if not, here or here ) ,but is it really "new" ? And is it really going to replace the good ol' contouring most of us just mastered (after years of trying copy Kim K's way) ? Well, I've got news for you, Strobing is not as new as it seems, but it sure is becoming a trend, since we now see lots of specific products out there to get the look. That must mean something, right?

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2. The main Difference is...


You focus more on the high points of your face rather than creating shadows to make it look slimmer or even straighten features (contouring makes a great rhinoplasty substitute, it is way cheaper) .

4. It can be tricky to get the luminous and radiant look

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You don't want to look sweaty or greasy, just GLOWING <333

The best way to start is with the right Skin Care to look fresh, and then apply liquid Highlighters after your foundation routine.

I recommend:

I. The Mac Cosmetics Strobe Cream

II. The Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector

III. The Benefit High Beam

Though, you can find tons of them. A more complete list here

5. It is definitely not the same as BRONZING


Bronzing is about the Sun Kissed look. Highlight the points where the sun hits the face. It is similar, but with Strobing you're not trying to look like you've been at the beach, you just go for the luminous face by playing with lights and textures, you don't need to look tan, you can be as pale as a ghost, it doesn't affect the end result.

6. All in all, just ry to brighten your complexion.

It is definitely worth a try!

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