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    31 Things From Walmart That’ll Help Make 2020 The Year Of Self-Care

    2020 motto: “Treat Yo Self.”

    1. An essential oil diffuser and oils set so you can fill your bedroom with aromatherapy scents to create a calm and relaxing environment. Time to get your mind, body, and spirit on the same *calming* page.

    2. A Cravings by Chrissy Teigen cookbook for taking care of yourself when you're just ~craving~ some good 'ol comfort food and need a little inspo to get you started.

    3. A yoga mat because your mental health should be at the tippy top of your self care regimen for 2020. Time to get ~zen~.

    4. A case of Essentia water whose bottles are not only BPA-free, but also contain alkaline and electrolytes — AKA your new hangover bestie (that are also sustainably packaged). Talk about self pampering and hydration...

    5. A box of Larabar snack bars to satisfy your grumbly tummy on-the-go. These contain only four ingredients and are gluten-free so you can take care of any cravings while also supplying your body with a nutritious snack.

    6. A four-pack of Twinings earl grey tea — that way you'll never run out of your morning pick-me-up. There's nothing quite like a cozy cup of tea to help you unwind.

    7. A Native deodorant that is paraben and aluminum free and will keep you feeling fresh after workout sessions at the gym if getting your fitness back on track is how you're jumpstarting your self-care for the new decade.

    8. A set of Dove bath bombs in case taking soothing baths is in your top five must-do's in the new year. Taking time out of your day to enjoy a warm bath with your favorite book is the best kind of "me time" there is.

    9. Crest 3D Whitestrips so not only your "vision" will be 2020 this year but your pearly whites will be 2020 as well. Taking care of that 1,000 watt smile!? CHECK!

    10. A stainless steel water bottle for getting those eight cups a day that'll keep you hydrated to take on the world. This 24 oz. bottle will be your new on-the-go water vessel and will keep your hot liquids warm for up to 12 hours and cold liquids chilled for 24 hours!

    11. An Apple watch to make workouts a breeze, keep track of calendar invites and meetings easy, and setting mental and physical goals accessible. Say HELLO to the ultimate organizational watch of your dreams.

    12. A GlamGlow mask in case you want to feel luxurious when doing your skincare regimen. This mask transforms to a chrome color once it's ready to be peeled off and will reveal your best 2020 skin ever.

    13. A plush robe because we all are guilty for laying around in our towel after a fresh warm shower, scrolling social media, so why not switch out of your towel and opt for this plush cozy robe instead!? Scroll that 'Gram feed in coziness.

    14. A Turbie Twist hair towel that'll make your after shower routine much easier. Perfect for holding your hair while it's drying so you can apply skincare, makeup, or just simply keeping your hair wrapped until you're ready to blow-dry and style it.

    15. A light-weight and non-greasy sunscreen to protect skin from broad spectrum UVA/UVB rays. Adding this to your daily skincare routine is extremely important, and with this one it's easier than ever to have a water-like, skin-quenching formula that can be layered underneath makeup.

    16. A Gold's Gym foam roller so any gym goer and athlete can massage overworked muscles and help improve flexibility and muscle recovery. Sore muscles BE GONE!

    17. A case of Vita Coco coconut water great for restoring the body's electrolytes and potassium! Drink one before or after exercising to stay hydrated ~OR~ just because it tastes good!

    18. An RX Bar oats variety pack to get your mornings going on the right foot. Gluten-free and packed with fiber, you'll have energy to get the day going. There's no better start to daily self-care than a hearty breakfast.

    19. A temperature-balancing weighted blanket to help you fall asleep faster and help ease symptoms of anxiety by wrapping you up in a cozy burrito. BRB *adding to cart as we speak*.

    20. CHI thermal hair protectant spray keeps hair from getting damaged from heated tools that your future tresses will thank you for. Infused with vitamins and proteins, this weightless spray will save your hair from frying.

    21. A Cleen Beauty avocado sleep mask because even when you're sleeping, your skincare can be working magic for you. This moisture-rich mask will brighten and supply your skin with the vitamin E it's been craving. Say "hey" to more hydration-enriched skin!

    22. A silk pillowcase that not only feels super luxe, but will actually help with keeping hair healthy, prevent hair loss, and assist with keeping a clear complexion. Ah, the power of silk.

    23. A pair of Huggle slipper socks for lounging in ~pure~ comfort. Picture this: a hot cup of tea, your fave candle lit, a solid Netflix binge, a weighted blanket, and your trusty Huggle socks. **A self care DREAM if you ask me...**

    24. A pair of workout leggings with fabric wicking to make sweaty fitness sessions less sweaty. These are great for light exercise or high intensity workouts ~OR~ simply for lounge days where you want to relax.

    25. A pack of e.l.f. charcoal under eye masks for soothing and plumping the skin. Pop these bad boys on before your makeup and you'll look and feel revitalized.

    26. A WoodWick candle set you can place in various rooms of your home for a soothing fireplace *crackling* ambience while you unwind from a long day.

    27. An electric foot warmer so you'll never complain about having cold toesies ever again. Just walked around in heels all day? BOOM. Foot warmer. Just ran on the treadmill? BOOM. Foot warmer. Cold hardwood floors in your apartment? BOOM. Foot warmer.

    28. Clinique Moisture Surge face cream can help repair skin's moisture barrier and works fabulously as a makeup primer. Pamper yourself morning and night with this universal moisturizer.

    29. Dr. Teal's lavender bath soak features essential oils to soothe tense muscles and relieve stress. Get a better night's sleep after bathing in this lush smelling soak.

    30. Vaseline cocoa body butter you'll want to lather all over after a hot shower or bubble bath. Non-greasy *AND* glowy skin? I'm in.

    31. And a white noise relaxation machine to help you fall sound asleep. It features six various sounds from waterfall to rainforest that you can travel with so you can always sleep comfortably.

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