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    31 Things From Walmart That’ll Help Get Your Home In The Spooky Spirit

    All the festive decor and treats to make your home a spooky oasis.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An eerie yet festive wreath you can place on your front door. It features classic orange and black colors with additional skeleton details that are majorly spooky.

    Halloween ribbon wreath on front door

    Price: $67.99

    2. An inflatable Mickey Mouse who looks like he just carved the most perfect pumpkin and wants to show it off to people driving by.

    Inflatable Mickey Mouse in front yard

    Promising review: "Great value for this cute 5-ft tall Mickey! I can't wait to set this up!" —SuperToy

    Price: $60

    3. An assorted glass plate set featuring Halloween artwork for displaying your fave fall treats.

    Halloween glass plate set

    Price: $20.82

    4. A light up pumpkin trio of perfectly carved jack-o'-lanterns so you don't have to fuss over trying to make your own.

    Light up pumpkin tower

    Promising review: "Perfect light-up decoration! It's lightweight (which I like) and the perfect size for what I was looking for. The only downside is that the electrical cord is a bit short, so this needs to be placed very close to an outlet. Other than that, I'm very pleased!" —FrenchFilmAmour

    Price: $14.97

    5. A set of Halloween throw pillow covers so you can transition all of your bedspread pillows over to ones fit for a witch.

    Halloween throw pillow covers set

    Promising review: "These pillow covers were just what my sofa needed for October! Great color and pattern!" —Jani

    Price: $22.99 (originally 33.29; also available with pillow inserts)

    6. A spider web decoration you can place on outside trees that'll look like your house is haunted. I will say, these look VERY realistic and have been using them for years.

    Faux white spider web decoration

    Price: $8.88

    7. A light-up faux chandelier for a frightening aesthetic. If this isn't spooky, I don't know what is...

    Faux halloween chandelier

    Promising review: "This chandelier is a perfect addition to our Halloween hallway. Very easy to assemble. Couldn't be happier." —Sandy

    Price: $30.49

    8. A set of pastel pumpkins featuring the cutest phrases the season has to offer. You'll def be 100% that witch with these in your home.

    Set of four pastel quote pumpkins

    Price: $11.98 for four

    9. A rustic pumpkins sign if you don't want something that screams Halloween but is still on par for the season.

    Rustic farm fresh pumpkins wooden sign

    Promising review: "This was larger than I thought which was a good thing. The quality is awesome and it came well-packaged. I was pleasantly surprised at this piece." —Metta

    Price: $16.98

    10. A set of LED orange mini lights for a pop of Halloween glow that can be strung virtually anywhere.

    Orange LED mini lights

    Promising review: "These are great lights for decorating! I plan on hanging them on my porch for Halloween, and I'm very excited to do that! We still have over a month until Halloween, but I'm already in the fall spirit, I am using them to decorate my TV stand! For this, I only used half the bundle since it's so long. I'm really looking forward to putting these on my porch, they are great quality and look gorgeous in the dark!" —TheBrowns
    Price: $5.94

    11. An orange sequin trick or treat pillow because it's glamorous as heck and deserves a spot on your couch.

    Trick or treat orange sequin throw pillow

    Price: $13.99

    12. A vertical "Trick Or Treat" sign that can be placed anywhere you want to display the slogan of the season. (I'll go with treats, preferably Reese's...)

    Vertical Trick Or Treat sign

    Price: $23.96

    13. A velvet pumpkin for placing on any table top spread that's the chicest of decorations. This is an aesthetically pleasing pumpkin if I've ever seen one...

    Velvet tabletop pumpkin

    Price: $8.98

    14. A minimalist pumpkin pillow you can throw on any seating arrangements in your home for a fall touch.

    Halloween decorative pumpkin pillow on a bench

    Price: $24.65+ (available in two sizes)

    15. A potions dish towel set since you'll need something cute and spooky to do the dishes with. The kitchen is where the magic happens, so you should probs have something cute to clean up with.

    Potions dish towel set

    Price: $18.75 for four

    16. A crystal ball decoration for a psychic vibe that screams The Haunted Mansion is your fave movie. Madame Leota isn't here right now...but she'll be back.

    Crystal ball decoration

    Promising review: "Perfect for a mystical ambience. Great price and lights up a room beautifully with its changing lights!!! It's light in weight and though it isn't metal it isn't cheaply made." —Aymeth

    Price: $25.29 (originally $30.76)

    17. An animated eye doorbell — literally one of the coolest things I have ever seen tbh. Place this outside your bedroom door or even on your front door and with each press the eyeball will blink and move!

    Animated eyeball doorbell next to front door

    Promising review: "What the picture doesn't show is that the eye is closed until you push the doorbell button and then the eye opens up and looks around and you hear a voice talking. I got this for some friends who put out Halloween decorations every year and thought this would be a nice touch. I called it the Mad Eye Moody door bell." —Captleemo

    Price: $18.95 (originally $30.67)

    18. A light-up pumpkin for propping up near your front door or in your window to up your fall game.

    Light up pumpkin

    Promising review: "These pumpkin lights are very cute. A very nice size and definitely worth the price. No assembly and they cling to the window well." —jrp0515

    Price: $22.26

    19. An orange and black tinsel garland that can be strung and hung ~literally~ anywhere. Need something for your mantle, around your door, or for your walls? This tinsel garland is an easy choice.

    Orange and black tinsel garland strung on fireplace mantle

    Price: $16.49 (originally $19.99)

    20. A no-flame candle lamp in case you're in need of some decor pieces that'll add a warm glow to your space. Adding these amongst a Halloween spread will add dimension and ~creepy~ charm.

    A pair of no-flame candle lamps

    Price: $8.42 for one

    21. A farmhouse wooden pumpkin set that is equally chic and rustic-looking, ideal for any home. Not all spooky decor has to be — well, spooky...

    Set of farmhouse wooden pumpkins

    Promising review: "Nice wood with distressed areas.. it's just what I wanted!" —Ricky

    Price: $26.99 for a set of two

    22. A tea light candle lantern featuring a chic Hallow's Eve landscape that'll look terrifyingly cute on your end table.

    Candle with LED tea light lantern

    Price: $11.74

    23. A set of skulls that are sure to be the perfect touch when added to your mantle. No hearing, seeing or speaking of evil here...

    Set of three no evil skulls

    Price: $18.49 for a set of three

    24. A yard flag and holder because the outside of your home deserves some spooky sprucing up like the inside of your home.

    A happy halloween sign with a witch flying over a castle a night

    Price: $21.95 (originally $24.99)

    25. A skull light projector so you can create a bone-chilling atmosphere without having to buy a ton of decorations. This energy efficient, LED lightshow will top off your Halloween display to the nines.

    Whirl motion lightshow with skull project

    Price: $29.98 (originally $37.03)

    26. A cozy Halloween-themed blanket since you'll need something to cuddle up in when watching Hocus Pocus movie marathons.

    Halloween blanket displayed on armchair

    Price: $22.99

    27. A Rice Krispies Treats pumpkin kit to make with the whole family. How adorbs are these little pumpkin sweets? BRB while I make these every day leading up to Halloween.

    Rice Krispie Treats pumpkin kit

    Promising review: "Easy, and fun, with good instructions." —mariesa

    Price: $7.98

    28. A posable skeleton figurine I have personally seen people place in their car passenger seats for a hysterical ode to Halloween ~OR~ place him anywhere in your home (even on your front porch) to greet passersby.

    Walmart customer puts skeleton figurine in passenger seat of car
    Swish via Walmart

    Promising review: "He looks awesome! I have him in the front of my truck in the passenger seat." —Swish

    Price: $56.98

    29. A pair of ceramic fireproof skeleton bones you can put out for display or pop in your fireplace (yes you heard that right) for a super spooky ambience.

    Ceramic bones in fireplace

    Price: $34.99 for a set of two (originally $69.99)

    30. A Nightmare On Elm Street inspired sign featuring Freddy's creepy razor blade hand for an extra touch of frightfulness in your home. Add it to a wreath for a spooky upgrade.

    Elm Street plastic sign

    Promising review: "Added this to a Freddy Kruger wreath!" —JackiB

    Price: $12.45

    31. A package of Oreo orange cream cookies that are super delicious and perfect when dipped in chocolate or crumbled on pudding! The orange cream adds a fun aesthetically pleasing twist with the same great taste. #YUM

    Oreo orange cream cookies

    Promising review: "We all know Halloween makes everything better. No extra flavors, same great tasting Oreo but with some fun Halloween designs." —PittsburghXie

    Price: $3.67

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