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    31 Things From Walmart That Every New Homeowner Probably Needs

    Time to HGTV-ify your humble abode.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A three-piece velvet quilt set, because your current bedding could use an upgrade. Adding a quilt instead of purchasing a whole new comforter is way more cost-effective, not to mention *chic*.


    Promising review: "I am in love with this quilt! It is so soft and comfy and it can be used year round! It makes my bed look inviting and stylish." —Renee

    Price: $39+ (available in three sizes and four styles)

    2. A floating shelf for your bathroom wall to showcase your collection of succulents or additional vanity needs like cotton balls and your favorite face products.


    Promising review: "As pictured. Real wood and sturdy hardware. We really like it." —Raine

    Price: $57.99+ (available in three finishes)

    3. A tapestry to liven up your new home — it'll also double as a backdrop for prime photo-ops.


    Promising review: "I got this tapestry for my studio and I love how pigmented the blue is on the material. It was larger than expected which was a big + since my wall is large. It really adds color to an empty space and I was also happy not spending a whole lot on the tapestry as well." —Beth

    Price: $12 (dimensions are 90 inch x 90 inch)

    4. A sleek vanity tray for displaying your most-used beauty and skincare products (that'll undoubtedly make anyone who sees your vast collection SO jealous).


    Promising review: "Love it. It's perfect in the bathroom for my perfumes. Would recommend." —zonamomma

    Price: $24.99

    5. A wicker basket, because you can never have too many storage options for cozy blankets, extra pillows, or just to keep shoes off the floor.


    Woven baskets are the perfect way to keep your space effortlessly organized and won't take up too much floor space!

    Promising review: "I love the size of this basket. It is perfect for extra flip-flops in the spare bedroom. It's wonderful." —Feminine

    Price: $61.31

    6. A leaning bookcase that'll display your lifetime collection of prized books intermingled with accents to create a cozy reading corner.


    Promising review: "Couldn't love this more if I tried. Not only is this attractive and functional, but it's sturdy! I would highly recommend!" —Myranda

    Price: $79

    7. A retro coffee table so you can show off your favorite vacation albums and display-worthy fashion magazines.


    Promising review: "Great for price. Easy to set up. Looks perfect in my living room." —Sam

    Price: $54.07

    8. A gold utensil set that'll allow you to host a housewarming party in style. Each place setting includes a teaspoon, dessert spoon, salad fork, dinner fork, and knife.


    Promising review: "Love this set! Feels very glam and I coordinate with the MoDRN organic shaped Naturals dinnerware set because it has a gold rim." —Allie888

    Price: $53.95 (for a 20-piece set)

    9. A Bissell vacuum to keep your new home clean and spotless. Designed to extend suction power and cleaning performance, this vacuum features an extra-wide cleaning path to remove embedded dirt and hair in less time.


    Promising review: "The Bissell Powerforce pet bagless vacuum is amazing! The vacuum came almost ready to go. Open the box and there is the unit. Take it out and screw on the handle. Nails will be taped to unit. The unit comes with a scented Febreze disc that will keep your carpet fresh and clean. The turbo power will suck up and pet hair or dust you have." —R32012

    Price: $69+ (available in two colors)

    10. An adorable floor mat that'll greet guests with a warm welcome before stepping into your home.


    Promising review: "Great price and very cute! Walmart does it again! It is also the perfect size and slightly bigger than an average door rug. Love it SO much." —adgrsj90

    Price: $11.44 (size 18" x 30")

    11. A modern farmhouse TV stand to use as a grand focal point in your living room (and for all those late-night Netflix binges).


    Promising review: "Absolutely love this rustic stand! It goes really well with our farmhouse kitchen cabinets and decorations! There is plenty of space to put your DVD player or cable box and extra space for books or movies! I would recommend getting this for a nice touch to your home!" —Sam

    Price: $309

    12. A set of woven placemats for keeping your dinner table spotless and creating a perfect place setting for any meal. Hello, I'm ready for my show on the Food Network.


    Promising review: "I received these about two weeks ago and put them on our antique table in the dinning room. They really complete the look I was hoping for. They wash up very nicely if there is a spill, and with grandkids there usually is, LOL." —Ommax5

    Price: $8.88 for a set of four (available in seven colors)

    13. A set of woven baskets to keep in your bedroom for storing shoes, blankets, or even to use as laundry baskets!


    Price: $38.72 for a set of two

    14. A dinner table that'll undoubtedly be a hit in any dining area, and will look trendy in just about any home. (Who doesn't love bar-esque seating!?)


    Promising review: "This fits perfect in our kitchen area of our apartment! We love how sturdy it is, it just took hours to build." —Rachel

    Price: $199 (five piece set)

    15. A storage valet if you want to keep your foyer clean and organized and have a place to store sneakers, coats, keys, and bags. This is also a great place for guests to keep their items upon entering your home!


    Promising review: "I easily put this together in less than an hour. I have a coat or bag on each hanger and the unit holds it all well. The shelves are a nice place to organize gloves, hats, and scarves in bins, as well as the occasional pair of shoes. My daughters (5 and 2) can easily reach the hangers for their coats. I would definitely recommend this item." —Kirrabismom

    Price: $49.43

    16. A shag area rug that's incredibly soft, so you don't have to tiptoe on the cold hardwood floor in the middle of the night.


    Promising review: "This rug is such a wonderful surprise. It is shaggy and feels so soft on your feet. If you're looking for a very thick rug this is not for you, but if you're looking for an affordable shaggy rug this is the rug for you. So happy I bought this rug. I plan to buy another one." —Liz

    Price: $29.98+ (available in 34 sizes and 8 colors)

    17. An open shelf nightstand that'll keep all of your bedside necessities in arm's reach so you'll never have to sacrifice getting out of your warm bed to grab a book, your charger, or a tissue ever again.


    Promising review: "This table is very sturdy (which I didn't expect for the price). It arrived damage free and is exactly what I have been looking for." —MKW

    Price: $35 (available with or without USB power and six colors)

    18. A Better Homes & Gardens textured glass table lamp to add dimension to your living space — perfect for end tables in the living room or bedroom!


    Promising review: "I bought a pair and they are beautiful! I've been searching for a unique set and these are it! The bottom base of the lamp is wood but looks like oil-aged bronze and is perfect with the blue glass. I love these— they look like they cost a lot more!" —Shannon

    Price: $36.92+ (available with or without light bulb)

    19. A Serta push-button power recliner you'll never want to get up from. This recliner features deep body cushions in a plush fabric with soft pillow arm rests that provide optimal comfort.


    Promising review: "Just the right size, this smoothly-reclining chair is both comfortable & stylish. Very happy with it & the price was perfect. It can be placed anywhere, even in a small room/home without too much difficulty & the assembly of it was a snap...(literally, just popped the top/back of chair to the base, plugged it in & was ready to go!)" —K1PP

    Price: $269 (available in two colors)

    20. A papasan chair, because sometimes you don't want to lay down on your bed but would rather cozy up with a soft blanket in a relaxing chair. (Don't tell me this doesn't make you want to curl up like a kitten and sleep 'til kingdom come).


    Promising review: "It's extremely comfy, love the size. Great to curl up in and read a book or just relax!! Just love it." —Softballmomrlz

    Price: $129 (available in four colors)

    21. A pair of rustic pine wood floating shelves that can be placed on any wall in your new house to display decor or store much needed essentials.


    Promising review: "I was skeptical that shelves priced this low could look this good. I've been looking for at least a year and pricing shelves all over the place before I found these. They look great. Real wood, strong hardware. Don't pass up this deal." —BudgetDecorater

    Price: $41.20+ (available in two colors)

    22. An electric fireplace to help heat your bedroom and undoubtedly look beautiful burning before bedtime.


    Promising review: "Our bedroom fireplace finally died, and I just replaced it with this one. It is smaller than the one we previously owned, so check the height before you purchase, but it is very pretty, has the option for up to 4-year warranty, and it has a great heater and colorful fake flames. We really like this!" —swinginggramma

    Price: $156.44

    23. A set of pictures frames, because nothing makes a room feel cozier than all your best memories with loved ones displayed.


    Promising review: "It accents my living room wall perfectly. It's the first thing people notice when they enter." —Della

    Price: $17.44 (for a set of three)

    24. A Ninja Nutrient blender if you're in the market for a new kitchen bestie to help you achieve the most nutritious juices, smoothies and purees!


    Includes 18 oz. cup and 24 oz. cup.

    Promising review: "This works VERY well. Easily chops through frozen fruit including bananas. As long as you don't over fill it, it will turn anything to a fine puree quickly. It is VERY loud, but it takes power to chop it all up, so it was expected. Cleanup is easy and fast. If you like smoothies, this is the perfect tool! As far as the build quality, the cups are a very strong plastic, including the lids, so I expect them to last a long time. The base unit is strong and seems very sturdy, the blade lid is easy to put on and off and rinses clean easily. As stated the motor is loud, but the unit is very easy to operate. The suction cups on the bottom of the unit keep the whole thing from moving while running. The cups, lids and blade lid are dishwasher-safe. Buy it and you won't regret it!" —3JoeJoe3

    Price: $69

    25. A Keurig coffee maker that'll make a cute statement on your kitchen counter and also help you to make good use of your coffee pods for the most important meal of the day — coffee.


    Promising review: "My hubby bought this for me for Christmas and I absolutely love it! I use it daily to make coffee and herbal tea. Perfect size for my small space and makes the perfect cup of whatever beverage I want." —EC77

    Price: $59 (available in five colors)

    26. A set of floral wall prints so you can cultivate your dream gallery wall above your couch or bed.


    Promising review: "I like them very much. They were larger than I thought but they turned out to look better than what I expected. I placed three of them in a row over my bed. And the colors are very nice and blend in with the room. For what they cost I was very pleased." —J

    Price: $28.21 (Set of four 14" x 16" prints)

    27. A bath accessory set to ensure your new bathroom vanity and sink area stay clean. Use the tray to keep skincare essentials and hand soaps from staining the countertops and the cotton ball holder for additional storage.


    Promising review: "I love the matte white finish of this set! I wanted something that wouldn't take up too much room on my counter. A beautiful classic design; will likely order more pieces from this line." —ourvintagenest

    Price: $12.23 (available in three colors)

    28. A 6-piece bakeware set to get your kitchen tools collection started on the right foot. Pull from this set for your new go-to cookie sheet, muffin-making pan, or loaf pan.


    Includes a 9" x 13" cake/utility pan, 12" pizza pan, 6-cup muffin pan, 9.3" x 5.2" x 2.7" loaf pan, 15.3" x 10.2" cookie pan, and 8" round cake pan.

    Promising review: "Incredible! Everything needed to bake cakes, cupcakes, cornbreads and pizza! What an efficient and durable set of pans for baking! Nice looking too!" —Kthoage

    Price: $16.96

    29. A deluxe household organizer for keeping the pantry sorted from the get-go. Hang it over the door or mount it on the wall for additional storage.


    Promising review: "This works great in my small pantry. I used 3M Command picture hangers to secure it to the door instead of the strips that came with it." —Csatterfield

    Price: $34.93

    30. A console table – it can be placed in the entryway to display favorite home decor items or behind a couch in the living room for additional table space or storage!


    Promising review: "I loved that this table is not very deep. the size of it is perfect for my living room because I don't have much room to spare but I still wanted to add a table behind my couch. It is sturdy, and easy to put together." —Wiscomom

    Price: $94.64 (available in four colors)

    31. And a gorgeous minimalist bed frame so decorating your new bedroom will be a cinch. This frame will be a gorgeous focal point that'll make your room feel regal and luxurious.


    Promising review: " I cannot believe that this bed frame fits in my small space as perfectly as it does. I was surprised when it was delivered in such a small box! The instructions were great, but it's easier if two people build it together. It seems very sturdy and neat-looking, and there is space under the bed to put small toys and boxes. I am very pleased with the design of this bed, and I highly recommend it." —alemij

    Price: $145+ (available in three colors and three sizes)

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