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    32 Splurge-Worthy Things To Buy On Presidents' Day

    I pledge allegiance, to the sales...

    🎶 Oh say can you see...all the deals!? 🎶 Presidents' Day is upon us and that means a ton of shopping and amazing bargains.

    1. An adjustable standing desk to help create your coveted WFH office space. Once you get tired of standing, you can always pull up a chair and continue on with your workload.

    adjustable standing desk

    2. A sturdy suitcase so you'll have it on hand when you're finally able to embark on all your bucket list ~travel the world~ plans.

    3. A Nike puffer coat because you're all about that ~swoosh~ life. It's made from sustainable materials and zippered pockets for stowing your keys and wallet securely.

    4. A 65" Samsung HDR Smart TV with incredible sharpness that'll make watching apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video a cinematic experience.

    65" HDR samsung smart tv

    5. A pair of Prada sunnies so you can get your Miranda Priestley on without breaking the bank. That's all.

    prada sunglasses

    6. Or this fun Burberry pair that'll undoubtedly look iconic when styled with your fave trench coat.

    Burberry sunglasses

    7. A Casper mattress because where you sleep deserves to be a dreamy oasis you'd prefer not to get up from.

    casper element mattress

    8. A cashmere turtleneck sweater for an ultra-soft wardrobe staple that will stand the test of time. There's so many beautiful colors to choose from, you'll probs end up with more than one.

    9. A customizable JBL Flip 5 speaker with incredible sound so your tunes can be played loudly and proudly through a speaker that feels ~so you.~

    10. A Samsung microwave that is resistant to finger print marks (the bane of all of our cleaning existences), and made from high quality stainless steel. BRB while I grab my Easy Mac...

    samsung stainless steel microwave

    11. A chic end table that'll host your must-have bedside necessities and act as the perfect addition to your already fab room decor.

    mistana wasser end table

    12. A Rachel Comey puff sleeve top — perfect for styling with your most coveted pair of blue jeans and dainty gold jewelry.

    model wears blue puffy sleeve top

    13. An Echo Show 5 featuring a smart display to help you do everything that Alexa is capable of, but with a nifty smart screen. Cook along with recipes, listen to audiobooks, or even watch movies on this amazing smart device.

    14. A pair of Sorel lace boots destined to be your new winter shoe staple. They are waterproof and also have a fleece lining to keep your feetsies warm.

    model wears sorel slimpack 3 lace boots

    15. A Levi's x Disney padded jacket if you can never own too many items featuring your fave magical mouse. This jacket is reversible and can be worn as a solid black jacket when you want to change it up.

    16. A pair of Echo Frames so you can communicate with Alexa anytime, anywhere. It features a microphone you can press and ask Alexa questions and you can also use them to access Google Assistant and Siri! You can also listen to music or your favorite podcasts. *Welcome to the future*

    17. A faux fur trimmed parka that won't clash with your #OOTD. It is a great length that will cover your 🍑 so you won't have to worry about any unwanted drafts.

    18. A set of organic cotton bed sheets that are also wrinkle resistant so making the bed will be a breeze.

    set of casper sateen bed sheets

    19. A sherpa rocking chair in case you'd prefer a cozier and more stylish option to rock your little one to sleep each night with.

    A fuzzy ottoman

    20. A pair of Nike Air Max sneakers with a foam insole for all day comfort. These light-as-air shoes are flexible enough for everyday wear or for workout sessions.

    nike air max sneakers in all black

    21. A Tempur-Pedic pillow for a supportive head rest that'll kick your old pillows to the curb.

    a model resting on the soft pillow

    22. A pair of Good American skinny crop jeans featuring a trendy distressed hem and made from organic cotton. This skinny jean fabric has an elastic stretch for a more contoured fit.

    23. An Apple iPad with a 10.2-inch retina display so you can watch your must-see shows in peace. This tablet will take the place of your laptop with its lightweight portability and large, vibrant screen.

    24. And an Apple watch that pairs with your phone that can take calls, answer text messages, and also keep track of your fitness goals.

    25. A GE electric convection range with five stove top burners and also has a self-cleaning option. Time to prepare for your debut on The Great British Baking Show.

    26. A pair of mini UGG boots because you can truly never have too many cozy footwear options.

    black ugg boots

    27. A cable knit sweater dress that'll be your new fave effortless wardrobe piece. This dress + cute scarf = one cute as heck outfit.

    model wears knit sweater dress in cedar

    28. A pair of Beats Studio3 wireless headphones for a one-of-a-kind premium listening experience without the irritating headphone wires.

    Beats studio3 wireless headphones in white

    29. A Tory Burch shoulder bag in a black that will look pair perfectly with any outfit you wear. Please, we allllll know you wear only black...and we don't blame you.

    30. A soft and cozy sofa — AKA, the most important piece of furniture (next to your bed of course), in your home. This high-resilience foam sofa comes with five throw pillows, reversible cushions, and flared roll arms for your new "movie watch party" spot.

    morren sofa

    31. A Cuisinart 11-piece cookware set made from durable aluminum, stainless steel, and glass for all your meal-time needs. There's truly a pot or pan for everything.

    cuisinart 11 piece cookware set

    32. A Madewell camera bag made with sustainable leather and has a size-able interior for carrying your every day can't-live-without essentials.

    Me dancing all the way to the bank with the money I've saved...

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