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    29 Products You Should’ve Bought A While Ago, So Here’s Your Opportunity To Redeem Yourself

    Redemption can be sweet, and with one of these products it can be even sweeter...

    1. A blessedly effective carpet cleaner that'll have you saying, "what sorcery is this!?" You'll never have to call Stanley Steemer again.

    vacuum cleans a light stripe into dark, dirty tan carpet

    2. An organic cotton face mask you can keep handy for errand runs. I'm guilty of never having a mask that matches my outfits and these neutral ones are a great solution. Now I don't have to worry about a super overbearing pattern clashing with my chic outfit.

    3. A Cerama Bryte cooktop cleaning kit — perfect for restoring your stove top back to its crystal clean state BEFORE you decided to make that stir-fry last week...

    Above, a scratched and stained smooth top range with the text "before." Below, the range clean with the stains gone and the text "After"

    4. Cloning paste to add to nodes on your orchid plant so it can generate more blossoms. Dab a bit on those specific spots and watch it "branch out" (literally) so it's less of a "stick" and more of a flourishing plant.

    left: reviewer's orchid with many buds right: the buds have now bloomed into a shocking amount of flowers, i think over 20

    5. Luv Scrub mesh body exfoliators that'll undoubtedly replace your yucky, overused loofahs for something that's def more sanitary. Use them dry for a quick "dry brushing" experience or wet to lather up your soap for some deep exfoliation.

    6. An insect sticky trap to keep pesky pests at bay. Keep some by your houseplants or in your fridge just in case.

    Reviewer holding strip covered in gnats

    7. A cabinet door organizer so you can save more space for pots and pans and keep your plastic wrap, tin foil, and wax paper conveniently on the door.

    8. An essential oil roller to keep handy for moments of stress when you need an enjoyable aromatic scent to focus on. This may just help make those anxious moments a little less anxious.

    Small roller bottle with "Peace Elixir" written on the label

    9. A tube of Glossier Solar Paint for mimicking that gorgeous summer glow that may fade quickly as we progress into fall (cries). A couple of dabs of this on the skin will look like it never left.

    10. A set of claw-shaped hair clips to channel those Rachel Green vibes, and keep hair out of your face and effortlessly styled.

    11. A luxe all-natural cotton blanket that's soft, warm, and not incredibly heavy so you can snuggle up in style. This blanket is so durable, you'll never have to invest in another one.

    12. A USB alarm clock that's so futuristic and sleek it won't look clunky on your bed nightstand.

    A reviewer's alarm clock with two devices plugged in

    13. Facial and eyebrow razors to keep on top of your brows between your waxing sessions or to forgo them all together. I love these for cleaning around my jawline and my upper lip!

    14. A handheld milk foamer if you're working on expanding your barista skills so you can finally stop heading to your local coffee shop for an overpriced latte and save some ca$h.

    iced coffee with frothed milk on top

    15. A splurge-worthy mattress that can be delivered right to your door and will be the gift to yourself that keeps on giving. It'll even help with heat regulation while you sleep so you'll be comfy cozy at all hours of the night.

    16. A mold and mildew remover so you can finally give the tile in your bathroom the sparkly clean it deserves. It's as easy as applying the gel, letting it sit for seven to eight hours and then rinsing! BAM. Good as new.

    A reviewer's before: the corner of a shower, with mold in both the caulk and grout and after: the same corner, with all but a few specks of the mold gone

    17. A cream highlighter that will pop on the high bones of your cheeks or (my fave) on the inner corners of your eyes and brow bone!

    18. A pack of deodorant remover sponges because if you want to wear that one black outfit you love so much but dread the inevitable white marks you get while putting it on then you desperately NEED this.

    19. A set of extra-large wool dryer balls to speed up drying time in case you've reached THAT point of running out of underwear and seriously need a pair. Like, now.

    A glass vase with the three large white wool balls

    20. An inflatable mattress that sets itself up so you don't have to crouch down and use a rechargeable air pump (that's probs not even fully charged anyway #TheWorst). This is the smarter way to prep a place for your guests to sleep and it's fast as lightning.

    21. A set of Tide To Go Pens in case you spill some ketchup on your fresh new sneaks, or some wine on your pretty white blouse, or coffee on your slacks — you get the picture, right? These will always come in handy and being an adult means having these on you always. (I need to take my own advice and get myself a pack.)

    22. A clear travel case to store makeup products and toiletries so you can stop tearing apart your bag to find that ONE lip balm (you KNOW that one lip balm).

    makeup inside grey case

    23. A pair of portable power packs to charge any and all tech devices that you may be taking with you on your travels. Recharge your tablets, smart watches, smart phones, and earbuds from anywhere, no wall outlet needed.

    24. A Glossier Ultralip that adds gloss and shine to lips with the perfect hint of color. Achieve a "your lips but better" look all while keeping them hydrated.

    25. A witches' brew mug to keep handy for drinking hot apple cider while you enjoy watching all your fave festive fall movies.

    a black mug shaped like a cauldron with four legs on the bottom and a handle. It says, "witches brew."

    26. And some pumpkin cheesecake coffee syrup to blend in to your morning coffee to get your day going on the right autumnal foot. YUM ☕️

    the pumpkin cheesecake syrup bottl

    27. A windshield cover so you don't have to ever worry about your dark seats getting blistering hot after sitting out in the sun. KACHOW.

    eyes on a windshield cover

    28. An Always Pan because in your home, it's probs totally unrealistic to have 795 cookware pans so this will be your holy grail. It has a nonstick surface, comes with a vented top, a mesh basket so you can steam your fave veggies, and a spoon that hooks on to the handle so you'll always have one handy. Honestly, if this isn't the holy grail of pans I'm not sure what is...

    29. A S'well drink chiller so enjoying that first crisp sip of your fave bevvy can be an every-sip kinda thing. This chiller will keep your cans cold for up to six hours (plenty of time to sip slowly)!

    person holding beer inside swell chiller

    When you realize you could've owned one of these products already...