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    30 Products From Walmart To Add To Your Shower Routine

    Rub a dub dub, you need these in your tub.

    1. A Bioré clarifying cleanser for treating clogged pores. It also provides a cooling sensation for a refreshing clean.

    2. A three-pack of Schick sensitive skin razors with an aloe conditioning strip to make every shave smoother and easier.

    3. AND, a two-pack of Glee shave mousse that'll easily glide along the skin so you experience less cuts and burns. Yes please.

    4. A Vaseline aloe soothe spray if rubbing in a liquid one isn't for you. (Guilty as charged.)

    5. A Tree Hut charcoal sugar scrub in case your skin needs some exfoliation or you're thinking about applying some self-tanner on after your shower.

    6. Dr. Teal's epsom salt soak that will have you cool, calm, and collected after soaking in a nice bath before bed.

    7. Bodycology cherry blossom bath bombs so can have the soothing, aromatic bath that is perfect for relaxing with your favorite book.

    8. A Neutrogena ultra gentle facial cleanser great after makeup removal to ensure skin is prepped for your skincare routine.

    9. An OGX coconut body wash if you're in need of a tropical getaway...(in the shower that is).

    10. Thayers rose facial toner you can pop on as your hop out of the shower so your freshly steamed pores can soak up all of its rose water.

    11. A container of Almay makeup remover pads in case you hopped in the shower and forgot to remove your mascara. The plastic container will also keep them dry for safe storage in your shower!

    12. A Philosophy shower gel that also works as a shampoo ~and~ a bubble bath so you can decide whether a warm bath or a hot shower is in your future.

    13. A Jergens wet skin moisturizer you can apply in the shower so you can forget about the time and effort it takes to put on lotion after you get out.

    14. Aveeno moisturizing body wash for added hydration that a typical shower gel doesn't always supply.

    15. A Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner duo so your gorgeous tresses will feel refreshed and your scalp stimulated from its minty goodness.

    16. A Love Beauty and Planet rose soap bar that's vegan and cruelty-free so you can get your ~lather on~ while smelling of fresh roses.

    17. An It's A 10 miracle hair mask to soothe dry or color treated hair and repair its natural smooth and shiny texture.

    18. A Schmidt's natural body wash if you're drawn to citrus scents and love shea butter based formulas. It's also plant-based vegan and cruelty-free! (Heck yes!)

    19. A Bio-Oil skincare oil with countless benefits for the skin, said to improve scars, stretch marks, and dehydrated skin. I'm honestly ready to go roll my whole body in this miraculous oil...

    20. A set of exfoliating body scrubbers perfect for prepping the skin for self tanner or face and body oils!

    21. Palmer's cocoa butter body cream because the scent alone will make you want to slather it all over your freshly washed skin.

    22. A Queen V bubble bath that's pH balancing and safe for women. It's all natural so you can avoid any common irritations. (Plus neon pink packaging? *Adds to cart*)

    23. Love Beauty and Planet rose bath bombs made with murumuru butter for a bath that doesn't just smell *BOMB*, but also leaves skin smooth and supple after bathing.

    24. An EcoTools dry body brush great for exfoliating to reveal smooth replenished skin. It's also easy to rinse off and quick to dry afterwards!

    25. A Method energy boost body wash for a clean and bright shower experience to turn your cleansing regimen into a fresh-smelling oasis.

    26. An Herbal Essences argon oil shampoo I would legitimately cry if they ever discontinued (I wish I was kidding). It's safe for color-treated hair and the smell is ~HEAVENLY~.

    27. An OGX curl nourishing shampoo if upkeeping smooth and glossy spirals is what you're after.

    28. A Burt's Bees bath and body oil you'll want to add to your bath for a soothing aromatic experience. Who needs the spa!?

    29. A Dove pomegranate body polish formulated with moisturizing cream that won't strip your skin's hydration while you exfoliate.

    30. A Hask macadamia hair oil so you can be your own hair mixologist and incorporate it into your shampoo regimen for extra shine — or you can apply after the shower to tame frizz!

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