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    If You're Not Super Handy, These 28 Things May Help You Fix That

    We can't all be Fix It Felix...

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An electric pressure washer in case your deck is looking a little dirty and the thought of cleaning it is daunting. This one's lightweight and has different stream types for dummy-proof use! Utilize it to remove any dirt and residue off of your patio furniture, windows, and fence.

    2. A black car scratch remover so you can stop panicking over those marks on your hood. This is great for black and darker automobile colors!

    3. A weed remover tool because picking them out with your bare hands is now a thing of the past. Welcome to your weeding future. Sayonara landscaper!

    person weeding garden with tool

    4. And a pair of pruning shears if it's time to trim those shrubs and you need something that'll cut effectively through the tough branches.

    person using pruning shears to cut branch

    5. A powerful grout cleaner in case you're tired of scrubbing the heck out of your floors without any results to show for the hard work. This will loosen up the dirt and get them looking brand spanking new.

    Reviewer's tiles before using grout cleaner on the left and the after results on the right

    6. A mini propane torch kit so weeding the yard, front walkway, and sidewalk can be easy...and sort of fun!? This is surely one way to approach yard work like a champ...

    7. A garbage disposal brush to keep handy for eliminating gross backed-up food that never made its way through the entire disposal process. The brush measures 11 inches and will be a must-have if some food needs dislodging. #NoPlumberNeeded

    Reviewer holding garbage disposal brush

    8. A mold-resistant white grout pen if you've tried cleaning them but at this point the grout is just discolored. Use this pen to bring it back to life. One pen can cover up to 150 feet of grout.

    9. A garage door rack so you don't have to figure out how to personally rig up your rakes, brooms, and swiffers like Bob The Builder. This makes it easy to keep them off of the floor and perfectly organized.

    Brooms and rakes attached to garage door rack

    10. A powerful shower-cleaning spray just in case your tub needs a refresh and you're not sure where to start. Just spray it on your shower at night and then rinse it clean in the morning with ZERO scrubbing. See ya hard water stains!

    Before: a dirty shower floor; after: the clean shower floor

    11. A self-watering, self-aerating high-drainage planter in case you're anything like me and tend to kill plants (oops). This will ensure even when you forget to water them, they're still getting their necessary H2O intake.

    12. A Brush Hero car detailing kit that links up to your hose for a good 'ole power wash. Kick that tire dust and grime to the curb and rinse off the headlights while you're at it.

    13. The Safety Nailer because the terror that comes with trying to use a nail and hammer can be daunting. Forgo hitting your finger (ouch), and use this steady solution instead.

    14. A laser measurer if utilizing the basic measuring tape is hard by yourself. (Trying to measure a wall? Good luck.) This can transition between meters, feet, and inches for precise measurements every time.

    15. Or this laser line level to assist with shelf hanging, and ensure they're straight and not on a tilt.

    16. A dryer vent cleaning kit that'll easily attach to your vacuum and suction out all the pesky lint that's been gathering in there for some time now. Prevent dryer fires and have peace of mind from here on out.

    17. A mini hammer – that's way less daunting than a big mama hammer — with a handy magnetic nail holder for precise placement.

    18. A wallpaper-smoothing kit because you're not about to hire a task-rabbit to come put it up for you. This will save you time, money, AND the cringy potential for wrinkles in your gorgeous new wallpaper.

    19. Marble contact paper in case installing a whole new countertop is out of budget (and out of your wheelhouse). This is way less expensive and way less of a headache than redoing the entire kitchen.

    reviewer before and after photo showing the marble contact paper on their kitchen countertops

    20. A metallic spray paint to give your patio furniture new life — that's right, you don't need to get a brand new set. You'll be handier than Joanna Gaines on HGTV with this furniture spruce up hack.

    21. A bottle of Feed-N-Wax because your hardwood floors deserve to stay in pristine condition, and you deserve to not have to call the flooring company for assistance.

    reviewer photo showing half of their floor looking completely new after applying the Feed-N-Wax to it

    22. Some wood repair markers to be your new secret weapon when your dog takes to chewing the legs of your expensive dining room chairs. No need to have them re-stained, this marker will help.

    before and after pic of scratched furniture leg and made over furniture leg

    23. A wood splitter for when fall rolls around and your stock pile of wood needs to be ready for all those cozy fires. Let's face it, chopping wood is hard...and we all can't be Paul Bunyon. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    person using log splitter

    24. A 20V DeWalt cordless drill since that Ikea furniture isn't going to build itself, and your ability to effectively screw things in with a simple screwdriver isn't going to cut it.

    The drill sitting next to wood and other tools while being used for a project

    25. A 39-piece general tool set so you always have an array of options for those "do we need a handyman to come over?" moments. The answer when you have this tool set is — nope.

    a reviewer's black and orange tool kit

    26. A stud finder you can use to pinpoint the perfect location for a stud. Forget that TV falling off the wall, that's a problem for another day...(kidding, with this tool it's less likely to occur — phew).

    reviewer using the stud finder

    27. An under-the-sink water filtration system that's super easy to install and will give you Brita-worthy water from your very own sink tap. All of your friends will be asking you to come over to install one for them too.🚰

    The system hooked up in the cabinet under a kitchen sink (it's about the size of a small fire extinguisher)

    28. A garden edger in case you're ready to take on the landscaping duties yourself and that starts with maintained garden edges.

    person using garden edger

    Here's to being more handy...and less like Patrick.