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    27 Things To Hold Your Pet's Attention So You Can Actually Get Work Done At Home

    Products that'll keep your furry friends occupied while you're occupied...with work.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An automatic water fountain that'll keep them hydrated and occupied while you handle your WFH Zoom calls.

    2. An adorable stuffed duck to keep them company during nap time snuggle sessions until you're able to snuggle with them on your lunch break.

    3. A purring cat toy if they need something to keep them company during their ~cat naps~. This will make them feel like they're snuggling up next to another kitty friend.

    4. A cat dancer toy because you won't be able to play with their favorite feather toy while tackling your heap of to-dos, so this will suffice and give them something to do.

    5. A squirrel-hiding toy that's practically a two-in-one toy. This'll occupy their time trying to get the squirrels out and once they remove them they'll then have numerous toys to play with as they please.

    6. A leafy cat condo because they're probs obsessed with finding new hiding spots and this fun foliage tower will be their new go-to. At least you'll know where to find them once you finish that expense report...

    7. An interactive ball launcher to give your arm a break. They won't know the difference because they'll be too occupied with having fun.

    8. A set of stacking cups for your bunny that you can hide some treats under for them to scavenge for. They'll love throwing, nudging, and sifting through them to find their treats!

    bunny stacking cups

    9. An interactive cat tower toy because they'll love clawing at this, instead of clawing at your precious furniture...

    10. A durable set of rope toys in case you have more than one pupper and they'll have fun tug-o'-warring over these. (My dogs love these toys and it's always so endearing seeing them play together!)

    11. A stuffing-less toy so you won't have to worry about them making a ruckus with squeaky toys while you sit on a conference call.

    12. A catnip-filled fruit toy they won't be able to put down. The cat-nip will have them going back for more and more playtime so you can get more and more work crossed of your schedule.

    13. A coco fiber ball they'll enjoy gnawing on so they're not gnawing at you to play with them while you're trying to send out your emails. *Not now Mr. Hoppers, I'm sending an important email!*

    bunny chewing on toy

    14. A secret hideaway — perfect for your bird or hamster that they'll enjoy climbing in and out of. TBH, you may just have to stop what you're working on to take a cute boomerang of them running across the bridge...

    15. A chewable carrot kebab to keep them occupied as opposed to scratching at the cage to let them out. This'll also look super cute hanging in their little rabbit home.

    chewable rabbit toy in cage

    16. A Wobble Wag Giggle ball if they love interactive toys that also make fun noises. You may want to just make sure they're not playing with this while you're on an important call...unless you want giggle noises going off in the background (LOL).

    17. Or this treat ball that has adjustable difficulty settings so if they're a play-time pro you can ensure this won't be too easy for them where they'll be bored after five minutes.

    18. A piñata toy since you'll probs want some peace and quiet during your work day and this will do just the trick. A toy to get your chatty parrot to stop being, well — chatty.

    parrot playing with pinata toy

    19. A incredibly durable Kong toy for any intense chewers who destroy practically any toy you get them (relatable). My little Yorkipoo destroys every toy and these she has yet to destroy.

    20. A state plush toy if you're raising your dog to be a hardcore New Yorker just like you. This detailed pet toy won't be an eyesore when it's left all over your house BUT, make sure to get one for each of your puppers if they don't like to share...

    NY state plush toy

    21. And this cute cat fortune cookie toy that literally describes what their thinking is, "blame it on the dog." I may just have to get a cat just so I can snag this toy...

    cat playing with fortune cookie toy

    22. A colorful balsa stacker for your bird babes that'll not only add color to their cage, but will also keep them busy, busy, busy all day long. These feature both soft and wooden stackers so they get the best of both worlds for nibbling.

    foam and balsa stackers

    23. A window perch so they can take a much-needed cat nap in cozy bliss. They'll love being lazy in this new spot and it attaches easily to any sliding door made of glass! Time to soak up some sun.

    24. A stimulating activity mat they'll love exploring since there's quite literally something new with every step.

    dogs playing with mat

    25. A pack of catnip-infused felt balls that come in a such a fun variety of fun colors, they won't know which one to play with first.

    26. A tunnel to keep your pet rodents occupied in their own personal playground dream.

    guinea pig inside tunnel

    27. And this adorable pet cake kit to give to them at the end of your work day so you can show them just how much you missed playing with them while you were working.

    Get ready for your pets to love you for all their new toys...

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