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    28 Beauty Products From Walmart That Probably Should've Been On Your Vanity A Long Time Ago

    If you love a good vanity #shelfie on the 'gram, there's no reason your beauty lineup can't be #goals too.

    1. A designer fragrance that smells fresh and flirty, has a chic bottle, and will look absolutely luxurious on your vanity.

    2. A rose gold packaged day cream that'll supply you with your daily dose of SPF and will also look fab in your next Instagram #shelfie.

    3. A Philosophy facial firming serum to revitalize skin and hydrate all complexions. Glass bottles like this serum's look great displayed amongst other beauty products for an apothecary-feel.

    4. A gummy supplement said to help with nail and hair growth that will brighten up your countertop, too.

    5. A shimmery lip gloss from the Maybelline x Summer McKeen collab guaranteed to look radiant on your lips *and* bring a gorgeous minimalist vibe to your vanity!

    6. A vegan and cruelty free toothpaste that tastes like a holiday latte from Starbs. (Also the packaging = a solid 10/10 on the cuteness scale.)

    7. A splurge-worthy, high performing straightener that is ultra sleek and can double as a curling iron clearing up more space on your vanity for additional beauty must-haves.

    8. A voluminous mascara to cover you until your next lash extension appointment (believe me, your wallet will thank you).

    9. A silk infusion hair treatment for moisturizing and strengthening hair, and prepping you for the best mirror selfies.

    10. A dry shampoo — an absolute essential on any vanity that's perfect for ridding excess oil and adding texture to even newly washed hair.

    11. A jade facial roller said to help reduce inflammation – it'll also look trendy in your skincare regimen pics on the 'gram.

    12. A night serum that can help reveal radiant looking skin while effortlessly fitting on your sink counter.

    13. A stunning bottle of daily capsules filled with a hydrating serum that deserves to be in your bathroom for aesthetic purposes alone (and obvi their skincare benefits too).

    14. A hydrating citrus day cream that won't break the bank, BUT instead fulfill your autumn aesthetic dreams with its orange hue. It's packed with vitamin C and fruit extract so your skin is left moisturized and radiant.

    15. An energizing face mist (in a super sleek bottle!) that you'll want to use as a primer and as a makeup setter. We love a multitasking product!

    16. A rich, matte lipstick you'll want to collect in every shade to expand your color range. The clean, black packaging will also look incredibly chic on your vanity.

    17. A hand soap made from essential oils sure to become your new favorite hand wash for before makeup application (not to mention the bottle is adorable).

    18. A coconut oil hair mist to help tame frizz and flyaways, and make your hair smell heavenly.

    19. An eyelash curler that will have your lashes perfectly prepped for your favorite mascara in no time.

    20. An at-home microdermabrasion kit for exfoliating and bringing out your most luminous skin. The massager uses micro-vibrations to renew skin and target dark spots and fine lines.

    21. A micellar skin cleansing water that deserves a permanent spot on your bathroom counter for the ultimate makeup removal that's super gentle on skin.

    22. A stunningly curated eyeshadow palette featuring rose gold and warm berry shadows that are perfect for your daily go-to look.

    23. A tropical, buttery bronzer that smells like the best beach getaway imaginable. The smooth, silky formula is great for a seamless blend into the skin, and it definitely needs a reserved spot in your makeup repertoire.

    24. An ultra pearl finish highlighter that is #glowgoals. This insanely pigmented highlighter is such a steal for the price point that you'll probably end up stocking your vanity with numerous shades.

    25. An eyebrow pomade for on-the-go touchups that will keep brows precisely sculpted no matter where you go. Your vanity *and* your purse each need one of their own.

    26. An everyday essentials makeup brush set you'll actually want to display on your countertop, because they're too pretty not to.

    27. A six-setting electric tooth brush you can snag in a gorgeous rose gold finish. Your countertops, gums, and dentist will thank you.

    28. And a translucent, matte finishing powder that is the icing on the cake to any great makeup look. This powder minimizes the look of pores and comes in sleek, minimalist packaging. It's a win, win.

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