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    Next Time You Feel Lonely... Remember You’re Covered In Invisible Skin Mites

    99.9% of everyone everywhere has them.

    Hello there old friend! I'm a face mite.

    Chances are pretty high (99.9%) that you have at least one of two species of mites living on YOUR very face.

    Either Demodex Folliculorum, who likes to chill in your pores and hair follicles.

    Or the stubby cousin, Demodex Brevis, who prefers to hang out in your eyelids, lashes, and other sebaceous glands.

    They have 8 legs, and it turns out they are actually related to spiders.

    Your face is their home. They do EVERYTHING on your face including making ~LOVE~

    Yep, there are bugs having sex on your face.

    Good news, they don't have an anus. So they aren't pooping on you willy nilly.

    Oh wait... They store all their poop in their bodies and when they die they release a lifetime's worth of poop into your pores at once.

    So not only are they having sex on your face... but they are pooping and dying on you too.

    Don't worry this is all totally harmless.

    Unless you have an over abundance of mites...

    Having a larger number of skin mites (and mite poop) is likely the cause of skin conditions like rosacea, acne or general itchiness.

    Be sure to thank your parents, because you most likely received your first face mites from them.

    Thanks mom and dad!