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    22 Awkward Struggles All Artists Can Relate To

    Art is hard y'all.

    1. When people find out you're an artist they will immediately ask you "CAN YOU DRAW ME?"

    Rachel Olson

    2. They're also concerned about your future.

    Alicia Herber

    3. You've accidentally put the wrong end of a paint brush, marker, or pencil into your mouth.


    4. OR almost drank your paint water.

    (Or dipped your paint brush into your coffee or tea.)

    5. You have "artist hands."


    It's graphite, not dirt, I pinky promise.

    6. You spend most (all) of your money on art supplies.

    Tōei Animation

    Why are you sooooooo expensive?

    7. And you're constantly ruining your clothes.


    Even the ones you've designated as "I won't make art in these" clothes will somehow get destroyed with art supplies.

    8. People ask you to work for free ALL THE TIME.

    @yosub / Via

    How will I afford my very expensive art supplies?

    9. And are shocked when you tell them your work ISN'T free.

    10. But It's also very difficult to put a price your art.

    Andrew Macias

    I spent 3,000 hours on this...

    11. People post your work without credit.


    And sometimes crop out your name and add THEIR watermark.

    12. And you don't like to throw things away because you can ~make something with that.~


    13. You need lots of materials to get the job done, and sometimes your art space looks like a tornado just rolled through.

    Alicia Herber

    At least the spot where I sit is clean!

    14. People underestimate the time you spent refining your art-making skills.

    15. You've probably had a project you've put your heart and soul into fail drastically.

    16. Or you lost infinity hours of unsaved work because a program crashed., Via


    17. You've definitely worked on a project all night long

    Alexandra Wulf

    or fallen asleep next to your art or slept in your studio.

    18. You also happen to come up with your best ideas as you are trying to fall asleep at night.

    @kirun / Via

    19. You have accidentally doodled on an important document .

    Alicia Herber

    Nothing in your life is safe from being used as a paint palette.

    20. And when your old work resurfaces on the internet it can be a little embarrassing.

    amarenna / Via

    21. Sometimes explaining your art to other people can get a little weird because it's so personal.

    22. But hey! Struggle often fuels inspiration so its an endless cycle and you are stuck because you love to make art.

    Alicia Herber

    So cheers! Keep making that art!

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