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These Terrifying Simpsons Cosplays Are Why I Can't Sleep At Night

100% nightmare fuel.

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1. Let's kick things off with this super creepy Homer

2. This Bart costume is not at all unsettling

3. This group pic is totally fine... if you squint your eyes and ignore Maggie entirely.

Eleanor Love / Via Flickr: 10576405@N00

4. This lumpy Homer just has "extra personality"

5. Just a fun father/son costume

6. This Homer is not lurching towards you... that's just your imagination

7. This very enthusiastic and not at all terrifying Lisa costume

sherihall / Via Flickr: sherihall

8. Gang's all here!

9. This is not weird at all

10. Ay, caramba!

11. NOPE to this Mr. Burns costume

12. And lastly this picture of the whole crew wishing you a restful sleep tonight.

Sweet dreams!


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