15 Manicures That Will Make You Want To Burn Your Eyeballs

    Humans have gone too far.

    Nail Sunny is a nail art salon in Russia. They are responsible for the weirdest manicures in the world and I have a love /hate relationship with them.

    1. In case you thought I was exaggerating about them being the "weirdest in the world"... Exhibit A: The pooping butt manicure

    2. The "udder" nail in this cow themed manicure unfortunately squirts real milk.

    3. Nails to commemorate the moment Alex Ovechkin became a Stanley Cup Champion.

    Instagram: @nail_sunny / Via nbcsports.com

    4. These tiny silverware nails make me extremely uncomfortable.

    But not as uncomfortable as when they are being used as actual utensils

    5. Just when your think things might get better... here are some chicken feet nails.

    6. Why have finger nails at all when you can have an extra set of teeth?

    7. or a full set of tiny pierced ears?

    8. Not gonna lie, I might have considered getting these Sailor Moon nails.

    9. Can't decide on a nail color? Cool, get them all.

    10. Oh perfect! Let's involve hair.

    11. Toothbrush? Nails?

    12. Something about these nails makes me feel particularly upset.

    13. Nails for literally every occasion!

    14. Nails for a birth announcement ...

    15. or a (Royal) Wedding...

    If you don't like these nails, you might enjoy watching them get removed... or it might make even more upset...

    Either way these people are extremely talented and I can't look away.

    I'm so sorry.