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    Californians May Have To Pay To Send Text Messages If A Vote Goes Through

    Nope. K. Bye!

    Something is being seriously considered right now that would absolutely without a doubt make you think twice about writing and sending a text message — any text message.

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    That’s because the state of California is planning to vote next month on this text message tax proposal.

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    That means the California Public Utilities Commission will determine whether sending text messages will remain free.

    OMG! California regulators are set to vote next month on a proposal to tax text messages.

    People are not so happy about this possibility.

    @FOXLA Only in California , what is next .. tax the air .

    @FOXLA Yaye more overregulation and taxation! Jist waht californians with paycheck to paycheck jobs need...

    Wait. Could this actually curb people's texting?

    @FOXLA Every year we’re subjected to a new bloody tax. No more texting for me.

    But hey, not everyone is completely against it.

    @FOXLA maybe people will actually talk and call people instead of texting. I hate it when someone calls me and says did you get my text and I tell them I don't have my cell phone on me should have called it I would have heard the ringer. too many people driving and texting

    Regulators say the money generated from pay-per-text would go towards programs that provide phone service to people with low resources.

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    No word yet on what kind of charges texters would be looking at, although it could reportedly cost consumers an extra $44 million a year.

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    You should know the wireless industry and other businesses are pushing back on this plan, saying it would more than likely pass on to other messaging services like Facebook Messenger and Apple’s iMessage.

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