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    People Are Excited That Lady Gaga May Star In The "Little Shop Of Horrors" Reboot

    "That's a yes from me."

    Will she or won’t she? There’s a hot, new rumor that Lady Gaga will star in a big-screen reboot of one of our favorite American rock musicals.

    We’re talking about Little Shop of Horrors!

    Although Lady Gaga’s role in this movie is still not confirmed, Us Weekly is guessing she would most likely play the role of Audrey, played by Ellen Greene in the 1986 film adaptation.

    The shopkeeper (played here by Rick Moranis) likes Audrey so much, that he names the naughty plant that stars in the movie Audrey II.

    #RickMoranis (... and "Audrey II" 😉) from 1986's #MovieMusical, #LittleShopOfHorrors.🌱

    The words "Lady Gaga" and "Little Shop of Horrors" is really all it took for some people to get on board.

    Lady Gaga allegedly cast in the Little Shop of Horrors remake? I’m in.

    The excitement is real.

    do y’all understand the excellence that would be, gaga starring in a remake of little shop of horrors please i’d never ask for anything ever again

    "That's a yes from me."

    Gaga In Little Shop Of Horrors, that’s a yes from me — if that article was posted to test the waters.

    There was even a casting suggestion for the role of Seymour.

    ok but jack antonoff and lady gaga in little shop of horrors sounds not only do-able, but correct. make this happen @hollywood

    But to be fair, not everyone is so stoked about this possible movie news.

    now, please hear me out. the way ellen greene portrayed audrey can’t be beaten tbh it actually feels like the part was written for her on screen. also, not every single thing needs a reboot!!! especially not a classic like little shop of horrors.

    And others don't want her to be typecast as the "musical remake girl."

    Little Shop of Horrors is one of my favorite movies of all time and I really dont want Gags to be type cast as the musical remake girl so an ACTUAL NIGHTMARE if true

    This sentiment is pretty dead on.

    Until I see a Little Shop of Horrors reboot teaser trailer, I'll find reboot rumors hard to believe. I've been seeing them for years. Though you can't top perfection, seeing a remade film would be pretty dope.

    So, how do you feel about Lady Gaga possibly starring in this remake?