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    Why Send Out Typical Holiday Cards When You Can Give These?

    It only comes but once a year, and we've created these badass holiday cards to celebrate! At $2.50 each they won't break your bank either!

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    Yo! Have you heard? It's the most wonderful time of the year!

    It's time to let loose, forget the troubles of 2017, and let your friends know it's time to par-taaaaay! So, say it with a card.

    Pssssst. Keep your BFFs in check with this card, and let 'em know that you and the elf know. . . EVERYTHING

    So go ahead and share your favorite bottle of spirits — even if it's through a card!

    Or fill that pitcher of brewsky, if that's more how you get down.

    And say "cheers" to another fucking year!

    And let's do this! $7.99 for this set of classy booze cards!

    Also if on the 12th day of Christmas your true love gave you wood...

    And let's celebrate the diversity of our beautiful bodies!

    But most importantly — and above it all — make sure you wish everyone a...

    And send this to someone who knows their truth.

    And if you didn't have time to get a thoughtful gift, this card has you covered.

    Or you can just offer them some time under the mistletoe...

    Now this time I really, really mean it, ya hear? The one's my favorite card.

    So, what are you waiting for? Get your cards! And Happy Fucking Holidays!

    Get all five of the adorable kitten or memetastic cards for $8.99!