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    Millennials No Longer Use Doorbells And These Are The Reasons Why


    When is the last time you rang a doorbell? It's okay...take your time.

    The issue was brought up after this tweet from @youngandjoven started making the rounds.

    Can someone write an article on millenials killing the doorbell industry by texting "here"

    It reads: "Can someone write an article on millennials killing the doorbell industry by texting 'here'."

    And, as it turns out, millennials are absolutely "terrified" of doorbells, as previously reported on by The Wall Street Journal.

    So we wanted to find some of the reasons for this curious phenomenon.

    @youngandjoven Ringing a doorbell is like a voice call at this point; it's either an elderly relative or some kind of scam.

    Like people assuming that when the doorbell rings, it's either an "elderly relative" or some kind of scam.

    Or when you're young and home alone and instructed not to open the door to strangers.

    And hey, most of us don't like people showing up unannounced, right?

    @youngandjoven If you're ringing my doorbell it means idk you and you came unannounced and thus gives me no obligation to open my door

    @youngandjoven I’m old. Annoyed when door bell is rang only because I have two boxers. We have a sign outside to text. Of course ups/usps/fedex delivery knows to ring. I have set on doordash & Postmates to text when arrived. I don’t think my doorbell minds me being informed.

    Because doorbells = anxiety. Duh!

    @urfeverdream TRUE, it's an anxiety button for me

    There's also the whole thing with nobody having them anymore.

    i dont know a single person that has a doorbell

    And can we talk about how doorbells make nine dogs out of 10 bark like crazy?

    Netflix needs an option to turn off doorbell and knocking sounds so my dog does lose his shit every time 🙃

    With moms like this, who needs a doorbell?

    @youngandjoven True story! Although I'm no millennial, rather than ring a doorbell I send texts like this 👇🏾. Moms was watching my dog a few weeks ago. When I went to pick him up I sent this as I stood at the door...

    And you'll wake the baby, dammit!

    As a parent, this is my favorite millennial habit ever. No doorbell ringing to set off the dog or wake the baby. I hope we do kill the doorbell. Good damn riddance.

    I text 'here'. My millennial son rings my own doorbell when he visits. I think it’s my generation!

    RIP, old friend. RIP.

    RIP doorbells, the original #minimal sound 🤣🤣

    What are your thoughts — do you ring the doorbell or text?