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This Peacock Wasn't Allowed To Fly With Its Owner As Her Emotional Support Companion

Frequent flyer, indeed.

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Flying can be stressful, there's no doubt about it, and some people need more help than others getting through the whole experience.

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Well, people are losing it over this woman who was spotted Monday trying to board a flight with her emotional support companion, who happened to be a...peacock. / Via Facebook: thejetsettv

And because seeing is believing, here's a woman narrating the whole thing as the flyer walked into Newark Liberty International Airport with her peacock.

Facebook: video.php

It appears the skies were not so friendly, because the bird was reportedly denied boarding by United Airlines, despite having its own seat on the plane.

But, can you blame them? *enter squawk here*
The Jet Set / Via Facebook: thejetsettv

But, can you blame them? *enter squawk here*

Obviously, people are getting a real hoot out of this story.

Shirley Ayers Davis / Via Facebook: thejetsettv

Others are calling out this woman for what they see as her abusing the airline's emotional support companion policy.

J R Gar Garcia / Via Facebook: thejetsettv

Then there are people who are straight-up pissed at the woman for trying to travel with a peacock like a pet to begin with.

Catherine Baker-Sipka / Via Facebook: thejetsettv

There have been strong reactions around people bringing different types of emotional support animals on airplanes in recent months.

Here is Daniel The Emotional Support Duck in all his red-shoed glory.

United Airlines does allow emotional support and psychiatric assist animals onboard, but the peacock didn't meet their guidelines.

Samselthedamsel / Via

A spokesperson for the airline told Fox News, "We explained this to the customers on three separate occasions before they arrived at the airport."

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