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    A Dad Invented This App So That Kids Have No Choice But To Call Back Parents

    Shut. It. Down.

    Nowadays most of us can’t even fathom going mere minutes without having access to our smart phones.

    Juppi Juppsen / Via

    Now imagine it locking up because you're putting off calling Mom or Dad?

    That's exactly what Nick Herbert did. He took the whole “make sure to check in” thing to a whole other level with a brand new app.

    Nick Herbert

    Nick developed “ReplyASAP” which is pretty self-explanatory.


    It actually renders a child’s phone unusable.

    In order to “unfreeze” their Android phone, kids have to (you guessed it) return that phone call to the parental figure.

    Jeff Franklin Productions

    The creator told PureWow, the app makes texts “unmissable between people that matter, since important messages shouldn’t be missed.”

    WCNC reports that, since launching in August 2017 on Google Play, ReplyASAP has been downloaded roughly 75,000 times.

    For now, it appears the app is only available to Android users. Although it’s free, parents can unlock more functionality if they shell out a few dollars.