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    The Woman Who Inspired Rosie The Riveter Has Died And People Are Paying Tribute

    A feminist icon.

    Naomi Parker Fraley, the woman who inspired that iconic image of a female factory worker literally rolling up her sleeves and getting to work during World War II, has passed away.

    Fraley was 20 years old in 1942 when a photographer touring the Naval Air Station snapped her working at a machine shop wearing that now iconic polka-dot bandana and blue jumpsuit.

    🌹 Here’s to a generation of women who rose to the challenge and served their country:…

    People everywhere are paying tribute to Fraley with heartfelt messages of gratitude for what she represented. Like this one:

    May she rest in peace. What a long life Naomi Parker Frayley led! I have her poster in my office; #rosietheriveter…

    Other women are thanking her for what she did in the movement for gender equality.

    The real Rosie the Riveter has died age 96. RIP Naomi Parker Fraley. You'll forever continue to inspire women to sm…

    Some admirers are even posting their own versions of the iconic "We Can Do It" poster as their tribute.

    RIP, Rosie. Here’s my tribute to her that I did back in grad school. #rosietheriveter #RIProsie

    Fraley's death comes during a time of incredible change for women everywhere. In fact, she died on Saturday while millions of people participated in women's marches across the country.

    You have to wonder what #RosietheRiveter thought of the #womensmarch #RipNaomiParkerFraley

    Thank you for rolling up your sleeves that fateful day and becoming a symbol for female empowerment everywhere, Naomi!